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Feel free to join in.

Feel free to join in.

This is an interactive story containing 2 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
NOTE: THIS IS RATED E. PLEASE KEEP IT THAT WAY. (Though I understand that cursing is sometimes necessary. Use dashes (d---) if you must.)

Subject: The angel of death, but he's not mean, he's a kid who had the job forced on him. He's quite nice actually. But not nice to the point of seeming gay. I'd guess he's about 13. I've writen about this before so I might be picky about his character. I started a novel when I was younger so its really immature writing, but I redid the intro. I'll put that in. Though the rest of it seems out of place. I'm going to use this as a brainstorming activity and the storyline is open. If something about the intro confuses you, just make something up that will make sense cause I have some explanation, but its not all that great. Like I said, I was younger when I wrote this. LET YOUR CREATIVE JUICES FLOW!

Under my bed, in this claustrophobic space, I writhed in pain. In the darkness, my eyes saw things that weren’t there: shadows, flames, death. I saw the death, and felt it as though it were my own. I tried to close my eyes to the images, but they were in my head: My sister’s face, Joey’s face, my mom’s face, some other man I didn’t recognize, but he had hair as black as the shadows crawling beneath my bed. One of the shadows appeared to reach for me. I stifled a scream and crept closer and closer to the wall. As soon the shadow retreated an inch, I jumped out from under my bed and glanced at the clock, 1 A.M. My body involuntarily arched as a convulsion ran up my spine. I felt a scream building up in my throat.
I acted quickly, grabbing a jacket, the house keys and my sneakers. I closed the door behind me and locked up to keep my mom and sister safe, but I knew I would need more than a lock to keep this away. I put on my shoes and jacket and started walking. I knew my way around this town in the dark from many similar trips.
I glanced up at the sky, there was no moon. I looked uneasily at the street lamps, my only source of light, begging them not to go out, though I’d never seen a street lamp that was off, unless it was broken. The only sound around me was the fall wind and my sneakers crunching the leaves under my feet. I kept my head down and my hands in the pockets of my jeans. My steps faltered as one of my shadows disappeared. I turned around and saw the street lamp off...and not broken. I turned as if to keep walking down the path I was on, but I couldn’t look away from that street lamp. I kept turning back and forth; path, lamp, path, lamp. I was looking at the path when another shadow disappeared. My heart rate accelerated as I began to realize this wasn’t a coincidence. More shadows disappeared as I ran by each street lamp. Flames jumped into my vision as if commanding me on which way to turn. I knew there was no running from this and he did too.
I heard a soft chuckle drifting over my shoulder as if it was afloat in the wind. Darkness passed over my eyes as a cloud over the sun. “Did you miss me?” It asked, the devil's voice was full of malice and the need to torment me again. I looked around and realized I was on Joey’s street. This wasn’t a problem until Joey’s front door opened. I staggered back shocked. There was nothing I could do. How do you hold back a shadow? So I opened my mouth to scream, but nothing came out. I felt it on my lips, “Joey. Joey, run! Run, get inside!” The shadow kept laughing and circled around me, clearly enjoying my pain. I saw the shadow pass over Joey’s face and saw his eyes widen in shock and fear. I couldn’t move. My feet were rooted to the ground as I urged my muscles to run to him. For the first time, I saw part of the shadow clearly, his hand. I saw his palm go to Joey’s ear, but it continued through his head swiftly and the shadow vanished. His purpose fulfilled.
As if I were in a dream I was running but my movements were sluggish. As I looked beside me my surroundings weren’t changing. I wasn’t going anywhere. It seemed to take eternity, but I finally made it to Joey. I called his name but he was unconscious, but alive. Then everything went black...
[DOT DOT DOT] (dramtic XD)
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