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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

    by: hell_raiser373   More by this author
Time was distorted, my head spinning, my ears ringing louder than they have rung before. I can't see anything. I reach up to touch my face and it isn't there. My heart begins to race and I try to touch my chest to feel it, but my torso is also missing. I start to become frantic, I want to run, scream, call for my mom, for my sister Olivia, for Joey...Joey, I had almost forgotten about him, I wonder if he's alright. What happened to him? What did the shadow do to him? I thought that the shadow had killed him. The shadow has never left anyone alive before, but why not kill Joey. I ponder all the questions running through my mind, but a voice breaks my thoughts, "Hello Damon...It's been such a long time." The devils voice again. I knew this wasn't good, I'm in a pitch black place with no body, that could only mean one thing, I'm dead. "No, not dead Damon, guess again." He chuckles. I'm utterly confused, if I'm not dead then why don't I have a body? "Don't you remember Damon my boy?" Remember what? I know my past with this foul creature, how could I forget any of that. It has haunted me for months. Every night sleep is impossible, but I never miss it, the nightmares are worst than the vivid memories. "Hahaha, so you have forgotten, but that's not quite a surprise, it was traumatic." What was traumatic, having to deal with the torment the devil caused me, not being able to tell anyone about it, what else was more traumatic than that? "The death of your father." My father, I know he died, but I don't remember how... "Let me refresh your memory."
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