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A small adventure begins when 2 students got shrunk in class!

A small adventure begins when 2 students got shrunk in class!

This is an interactive story containing 3,274 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
NOTE: As of today (11/09/2018) Shrunken in Class has a fully story line with every character. Over the years more and more characters we're added to make this interactive story bigger and bigger. Due to this I've decided to rework some of the older chapters and story's(it might get a bit weird and strange to read.), starting with Tessa, Tezzy and other early on giantess girls. Also, there will be several story's that will get extended by even more chapters!

The story is about 2 friends who we're shrunken down in the class, they need to get help of their classmates.
Yet their classmates are not all the same, and some are hungry, sexy and ready for some fun.

-Tim(18 years old)
--Tom(17 Years old)

Giantess Characters:

Giantess club:
The giantess club is the club we're the shrunken people are being used as their own personal slaves.

*Tessa(17 years old, tall, girl with golden, curled hair. Tessa is a big girl with nice big boobs, weighing around 85 kilograms. She is quite the heavy one, but that doesn't stop Tom from falling in love with her. As the leading girl, she is befriended with Melissa, Vera, Yvana, Melisa, Annissa, Thomara and Rianna, but also hangs out with her cousin Maria and Michelle. Besides having friends, she also shares a hatred for Roxanne and loves to humiliate her in any way possible. Tessa is also a girl who likes nothing more then good sex and she sometimes has sex with guys like Freddy. There is also a dangerous side about her, as she has no mercy for little bugs.)

*Yvana(18 years old, tall, blonde girl with large boobs. Yvana is surely not the most intelligent in class, but boy is she hot. Her tall body, perfect round ass, and some nice big boobs, cover up her less intelligent side. Besides being pretty dumb, she is a playful girl which loves to play with her friends Amy, Melissa, Vera, Tessa, Margenice, Melanie, Maria, Rianna and Annissa. However her little brain makes her clumsy and foolish and easy to trick, what will she do when she finds Tom and Tim beneath her?)

*Amy(17 years old, short girl with brown hair. Amy is quite a hot brunette girl and quite a social girl. She loves horses and shares the local ranch with Serrihan, Ilsa and Samantha, but she also owns a personal horse for herself. Amy also hangs out with her friends like, Tessa, Vera, Melissa, Yvana, Maria, Rianna and Annissa, but she most often hangs out with Yvana or with her cousin Lilly. At most of the time, Amy loves fashion and loves to go out into the open riding her horse, but like other girls, she hates 1 thing about being outside, the bugs. Tom and Tim need to be careful with her, as she will merciless crush them if she doesn't recognize them.)

*Annissa(18 years old, average sized, arabic girl with huge boobs and gorgeous black hair. Annissa is a very energetic girl and also very loud. She laughs alot with her friends, Tessa, Yvana, Melissa, Vera, Rianna and Amy. Often Annissa tries to sexually manipulate guys in getting them to fuck her as she loves some good sex with a guy, and most often with Tony and Freddy. Little Tim and Tom also had been through this but never had sex with her, perhaps she is best to avoid when being the size of a little ant.)

*Vera(18 years old, average size girl with brown, curled hair and some nice big boobs. Vera is quite the hot girl and her cleavage is always showing, but since she's dumped by her boyfriend she has a hatred among boys. Even so, she still sometimes has sex with Freddy or Tony when she needs it. Besides her hatred for mankind, she is often kind to girls and hangs out a lot with Tessa, Melissa, Melisa, Amy, Yvana and Annissa. Like many girls she hates bugs, and will crush them on sight. Tom and Tim, be careful around her!)

*Melissa(18 years old, avarage size, blonde haired girl with nice boobs. Melissa has often won the second place with the schools beauty contest. She is just so hot every guy wishes to have a relationship with her. Besides being hot, Melissa is funny, social and loves to prank. Though like other girls she dislikes bugs and she will crush them either bare footed or with her high heels on. Keep out of sight Tim and Tom!)

*Rianna(18 years old, avarage size, black haired girl with a nice pair of tits. Rianna is a very caring girl, and she cares alot about her friends Vera, Melissa, Tessa, Yvana, Annissa, Melisa and Amy. She's a real gentle woman, but also likes a little fun with Melissa her best friend.Bugs however are not safe around Rianna and she will crush them with ease and no hesitation, this could spell doom for Tim and Tom.)
Man Help Center
The name of this club is a fake, they torture their shrunken victims, and torture them to the death.

*Lisette(18 years old, blonde haired, avaraged sized girl, with big boobs and head of the Man Help Center. Lisette is a hot looking girl, with a nice slender body. No wonder, she is a very athletic girl with a flexible body. She can easily sit on her arms and pick something up with her toes. She is also a girl who loves some sex in a while and often calls Freddy or Tony to fuck her. Lisette is also very playful to her prey, which are shrunken people and she has killed many people with sheer torture and she even killed whole family's of shrunken people. However Lisette manages to keep this all a secret, and so Tom and Tim do not know about her dark side.)

*Priscilla(17 years old, long black hair, avarage girl with large boobs. Priscilla is a bully from school and often bully's other girls like Julie, Serrihan or Roxanne, but she favours Julie above all. However Priscilla has a great heart, and she cares a lot about her friends and family and will do whatever it takes to protect them and help them out. Priscilla is one of the few girl who actually favours bugs. Since Priscilla was a kid she has been playing in her garden, burning ants, drown them in their burrows, and sometimes even ate them. Tim and Tom must be careful around her before she crushes them under her foot or worse...she devours them!)

*Kelly(18 years old, long brown hair and a nice, big pair of tits. Kelly is a very social girl and loves a drink on its time. She is friends with Lisette, Kelly, Ilsa and her best friend Sheryl, and she is also a cousin of Mandy. Kelly is a girl who loves companion ship and she loves a good party with lots of alcoholic drinks and meals. In class she is a sweet, caring girl, which likes to tease the boys with her butt and boobs. However has totally no point of interest in Tim and Tom, and she finds them kinda weird, like all girls do. But I personally wonder if this will be the same when she discovers how small they now are.)

*Ilsa(18 years old, tall blonde girl with a nice pair of boobs and a big round ass. Ilsa is also a girl who loves horses and she shares the locan ranch with Amy, Samantha and Serrihan. She is a sweet girl, who loves to be around with friends. This girl likes flowers and works at the local flower shop, which she loves. She lives in the same street as Tezzy and the 2 are very friendly to each other and hang out sometime, but most often Ilsa hangs out with Kelly, Priscilla and Lisette. 2 things she doesn't like are bugs and perverts. Tom and Tim need to be careful around her, before she crushes them beneath her feet.)
Shrunken Man Help Center
This club helps the little shrunken people in recovering and also getting back to size as best as they can.

*Tezzy(17 years old, short girl with brown hair, small boobs and she wears glasses. Tezzy is a good friend of Tim, Tom, Emmy, Candice and Roxanne. She is a kind and fun girl who is always in for big laughter, but she also study's alot, more then the other girls. Her funny appearance and kind personality make up for a caring girl who cares alot for her friends and family, and will try her best to help them. Her father is an inventors and has many experiments in the cellars, which must not get into the wrong hands. One bad thing about Tezzy is that she hates bugs and she is terrified of them and rans away from them as soon as possible, but sometimes she overcomes her fear and she will crush bugs, or Tim and Tom if she doesn't recognize them.)

*Emmy(17 years old, avarage sized girl with long brown hair, and a nice pair of tits. Emmy is a good friend of Tezzy, Candice, Tom, Tim and especially Roxanne, which is her BFF. Even though friends with Tim and Tom, she can sometimes be a real bitch towards them and actually doesn't like them that much, and rather hangs with her boyfriend Delano or with Tezzy, Emmy and Candice. She is also more interested in sex, and her boyfriend Delano often fucks her, or Emmy gives him a good blowjob. She hates bugs, just like her friends, but what if she finds the little Tim and Tom? Will she crush them or use them for her own pleasure?)

*Candice(18 years old, avarage sized girl, with long, straight brown hair and a nice pair of boobs. Candice is one of Tim and Tom's best friends, as well as Roxanne, Emmy and Tezzy. She is also a girl who loves to be on the stage, and her dream is to be an actress and play in musicals. For now she enjoys life and often goes to the city to shop with her friends, or go to a wild party where she dances and drinks all night long. Just like any other girl she hates bugs more than anything, but she is not quickly aware of them and she has many corpses of bugs beneath her shoes. Will she notice Tim or Tom? or will they become specks on her shoes as well?)

*Roxanne(18 years old, short, with curled long hair and a nice pair of tits. Roxanne is the more secluded girl and rather hangs out alone than with friends. But when she is with friends, she is a very nice and funny girl to be around with. She loves animals and has her own dog which she loves as much as she loves being alone. Due to this she a great gamer girl and has beaten both Tom and Tim many times with games. A real dark side of Roxanne is that she has a hatred for Tessa and she does everything she can to ignore or make her denigrate her. Even though she may be a bit secluded, she is a real caring person and she cares alot about her friends. Will she care for the bug sized Tim and Tom? I hope she will, or else they will be crushed or sucked up by the vacuum cleaner.)

*Thomara(18 years old, avarage size girl with long, brown curled hair and a nice pair of tits. Thomara is one of the hottest girls in class and she won the contest for hottest girl in school for many years, no wonder with a pair of big boobs and a nice round ass. She loves to party and is often called the queen of the party, as she dances whole night long on top of the bar with all the boys drooling at her body. With her body of hotness, she is often attracted by Freddy or Tony and they love to fuck her as much as possible. But to Tom and Tim she acts as a real bitch and she thinks they supposed to be kissing her feet, well, maybe that can be arranged?)

*Demi(19 years old, short, girl with long dark blonde hair and a huge pair of boobs. Demi is a fat girl, weighing around 95 kilogram, she is the heaviest girl in class. A real BBW she is and she is also a real dominatrix when in class but also in private. She loves some good sex with Freddy or Tony. She loves to sexually torture and manipulate minds with her body, which works as she always gets her ways with the unsure people in the world. Demi is a real whore as she makes money with doing this along with her best friends Daphne and Rosalyn. Tim and Tom do not like her personality, even though they did get an offer to be scrapped off the schools list of virgins, they both refused, even though it was hard for them to do it, cause of her body. Demi also got her personal site in which she does webcam sex and many other things to make money. Demi dislikes bugs a lot, but she does collect them for her friend Rosalyn to eat them. She better not mistake little Tom and Tim for bugs for their own sake!)

*Rosalyn(20 years old, tall girl, with rather small boobs, black hair and a huge ass and body. Rosalyn is the smoking, black haired, always angry bitch of the class. She is the oldest in class, but certainly not the wisest! Many girls avoid her and so do boys, except Freddy, he is the only one who dares to fuck her. This is due to the fact that she can be quick of temper and often misuses her sex buys or girls, she doesn't really care as long as she in in charge. Her only friends are Daphne and Demi, which often help her with her sexual torturing. Rosalyn gives people the shivers and since the shrinking virus has come into the world, she has tortured a lot more people using her butt and eating them alive, after using them as her personal toys and slaves off course. Also she is one of the few girls not to be scared by bugs, in fact, she looks for them and pretends they are people and eats them alive. Even if she does mistake Tim and Tom, it doesn't matter for her, as she will have her way with them!)

*Daphne(18 years old, normal sized girl, with nice boobs and shiny blonde hair. Daphne is an animal lover and owns her personal horse on the same ranch as Samantha, Serrihan, Ilsa and Amy. Like Yvana, Daphne is not always the brightest in class, but she isn't as dumb as Yvana. Unlike her friends Demi and Rosalyn, Daphne is not that sexually, and leaves the torture to the 2 pro's, but she does often watch and laughs a lot about it. She is also quite the fool and known for stupid action such as picked her nose in public and shooting it towards other people or peeing in someone's shoes, Daphne is in for the most craziest. Tom and Tim should be careful around her, for if people ask to eat a bug and they mistake them for Tim or Tom, She won't hesitate and eat them both up for lunch. She loves to eat little shrunken people!)

*Jennifer(18 years old, short girl, with enormous boobs. Jennifer is a bit of a whore with the biggest boobs of every girl in school.
Due to this many girls, except Samantha, will never hang out with her, even though she is quite nice. She doesn't care about this, cause she rather hangs out with guys, and not only for fun but also for sexual reasons, well, now to think of it, she eventually wants to have sex with every person in class by being nice and showing interest. She is also a great cook, and often cooks a meal if a boys stays at her, and she hopes the meal will let make the boy to fuck her. Only Tim and Tom rather stay out of her way, and now that they are small, its better to avoid a sex loving giantess, rather then being used as her personal toy.)

*Samantha(18 years old, avarage size girl with medium sized boobs. Samantha is the only girl in class who is secretly a lesbian, but she doesn't show it. It often works, though she can't resist looking at boobs and nice big asses, and she also gets kinda obsessed with them and need to kiss or touch them when staring too long. Luckily she manages to handle herself just in time. Like many other girls she a real animal lover and has a whole bunch of animals, including a horse at the local ranch. She is one of the few girls who actually hangs out with Jennifer, mostly because of her big mountains. However, Samantha usually wants to hang out alone, gaming on her xbox at home or going to her horse at the horse ranch. Also she likes to sport a lot and does this everyday, as well as looking at survival programs on television. She's a really tough girl, but she disgusts bugs and will crush them with no hesitation. Tom and Tim beware of her!)

*Esra(17 years old, turkish girl, with long black hair and a medium sized pair of boobs. Esra is the ex-girlfriend of Tom until they both had to split up due to Esra's family which could not accept it. She is a real leading lady and is often the one girl who is in charge and she loves it, she loves to dominate. Her best friends are Joyce, Mine, Mandy and Maryanne. Little do other of her class know, that she is in possession of a little shrunken people, which is Imhad. She is his mistress and to all shrunken people of she manages to
capture them. Tom and Tim should be careful around her, or else they will have to work for her for eternity.)

*Joyce(18 years old, blonde haired girl with nice big boobs. Joyce as one of the few girls in class smokes, and she smokes alot, but she also loves to eat and is not very smart either. Esra is her best friend and Esra often is the one with the brains, and Joyce not. Thats why
Esra most of the time tells her what to do. Besides Esra, she is also befriended with Maryanne and Mandy. Even though she may have a big apetite, she is not fat, but always remains quite in shape, but her endless appetite could spell doom for the little Tom and Tim, cause when she's hungry, she will eat everything what comes on her path.)

*Maria(18 years old, dark blonde hair and with large and secy boobs. Maria is a very social, populair and especially a gorgeous goddess.
For years she won the most beautiful girl of school contest, competing with Melissa and Thomara. As a dream come true, Maria is also a photoshoot model, and she is often very busy with them. Besides having a very busy life she is also very social and loves nothing more than to spend a night with her girls. There is one downside for the little Tim and Tom, as Maria hates bugs, and she will crush them to nothing.)

*Mandy(18 years old, with chestnut hair and nice big boobs. Mandy is a very calm girl, and is one of the few girls in class which smokes, though not much. She is a very caring person and does not wish to bring harm to someone very quickly, but she hates perverts. Even though she may be nice, she has also been known to torture and crush little bugs beneath her boots, better be careful around her Tim and Tom!)

*Maryanne(17 years old, black girl with black curled hair and a nice pair of tits. Maryanne is a pretty sexy looking girl and is the hottest black girl in school. Not only that, but she also streetdances a lot and is head of the cheerleader team of the school. She also loves fashion and hot looking boys to fuck, such as Tony or Freddy. Strangely she seems more interested in bugs rather than the other girls, but perhaps she is only interested in them cause she can crush them beneath her soles, who knows?)

*Serrihan(17 years old, dark brown, curled hair and with medium sized boobs. Serrihan is from origin a turkish girl, but you won't be able to tell it, apart from the name. She is a strange girl, often she is crazy and funny, but sometimes she suddenly turns angry and violent, and you don't wish to be around her. Also she owns her own horse and has her horse on the same ranch as Samantha, Ilsa, Daphne and Amy, and she brings her horse a visit a lot. But she doesn't like bugs, nor pervert guys, and so little Tim and Tom do have to careful around her.)

*Maxine(16 years old, brunette girl with short hair and medium boobs. Maxine is a bit of a strange girl, one time she's all angry and full of hate, and then all of a sudden she is nice, sweet and in for a lot of fun. Also this girl has a crush on Tom, which makes it clear for the little Tim and Tom to stay out of her way as much as possible as her smile and laughter gives them the shivers. She is also a pretty creepy girl and doesn't have many friends, besides Tezzy or Ilsa. Since she is certainly not the sexiest or hottest girl in class, Maxine would be the last chance to choose from, besides she hates bug and loves nothing more than to crush them beneath her soles.)

*Miss Greatjer(32 years old, brunnette woman with huge boobs and a nice body. Julia Greatjes is the most hottest woman a man could ever set his eyes upon, and is most often followed by every boy from school. Everyone loves her beaty and every boy dreams of being married to her or have sex with her. Besides being hot, Julia is a very caring woman and cares alot about her students and tries her best to make every girl pass their exam. But little bugs should not go near her, as she hates them and she won't let a little bug escape her. She will crush every bug she sees under her feet. Her beauty could mean the death of Tim and Tom, so little guys, beware!)

*Mindy(17 years old, blonde haired girl with medium sized boobs and a big round ass. Mindy is a really nice and hot looking girl and besides being blonde, she is actually the smartest girl in class. A really friendly girl, very social and always in for helping people around especially people who are in love. Mindy works at the local flower shop and she loves animals and flowers, but she disgusts little bugs, and she will crush them when given the chance.)

*Chantelle(17 years old, dark blonde hair and with medium sized boobs. Chantelle is a nice girl which is one of the few girls who smokes. She has a very nice looking body and she is a pretty hot girl. Also she loves to eat and loves to spend a day with her friends at the beach or at the swimming pool. One downside of this girl is that she hates bugs and will crush them and kill them no matter what it takes.)

*Melisa(18 years old, tall, arabic girl with long black hair and medium sized boobs. Melisa is a girl who is not always aware of things, things like bugs, papers stuck behind her back, almost everything. However she is a big bully in school and a big sadistic person, and just loves to punch and irritate persons. Her favorite target is Maxine, cause she can be quick of temper, but she also bullies Julie, Roxanne and Tezzy, but not as much as Maxine. She doesn't fear bugs, well not if she can use bugs to bully some girls, otherwise, she crushes them beneath her massive feet.)
Extra Giantesses:

-Michelle(20 years old, tall girl with huge boobs and a nice round ass. Michelle is the older cousin of Tessa and very good friends with Thomara. Like her cousin Tessa, Michelle is quite the heavy girl, weighing around 80 kilograms. But besides being heavy, Michelle is quite the social, friendly and funny girl and often hangs out with Tessa, having fun with whatever she does. But! like almost all girls, Michelle hates creepy bugs and with a loud scream she crushes the filthy buggers beneath her feet.)
-Sheryl(18 years old, tall girl with nice round boobs and a delicious round ass. Sheryl is Kelly's best friend and they spend alot of time together. She's not a classmate of Tim and Tom, but they do know her from school. Like Kelly she can be a very caring person, and unlike Kelly, she is very nice and sweet to Tim and Tom, but that might change when she finds out their the size of a bug.)
-Mine(17 years old, turkish fat girl, with long black hair and some big pair of tits. Mine is a girl who loves to eat, and you can see that as she weighs about 90 kilograms of flesh. She is in love with Tim and would love nothing more than to kiss him all day long as she often tried and often she succeeded. At home she has pictures of him all over the place, on every wall, ceiling and door there is a picture of Tim. A dangerous obsession you might call it. To make things worse she is pretty much a crazy girl and very energetic, which annoys the other girls pretty much. With this she is a danger to shrunken people and bugs alike.)
-Margenice(17 years old, black girl with long black hair, a nice pair of boobs and a big ass. Margenice is a very good friend of Yvana and they spent quite some time together. She's a real queen and likes to be treated that way and is often in charge when Yvana is hanging out with her, always making the right decision. Tim and Tom are not really known to her, so she doesn't really care about them being big or small, though she loves to crush bugs beneath her bare feet.)
-Melanie(17 years old, tall girl with black hair and huge boobs. Melanie is Yvana's best friend and they mostly hang out together, talking about boys and other stuff. Tom and Tim are not really known to this girl, but they do know that she's hot. But the problem with hot girls is that they hate bugs, so Tim and Tom better be carefull around her.)
-Lilly(17 years old, indo girl with brown hair and blonde higlights. Lilly is a good friend of Megan and Ilsa and often hangs out with them. Tim and Tom don't really know much about her, but they do know that she loves shopping and spending her free time at the gym or at the beach. Even though Tim and Tom might not know her very well, they still know that Lilly hates bugs, just like every other girl.)
-Megan(17 years old, brunette with hot boobs and a nice round ass. Megan is a good friend of Ilsa and Lilly and calls them their family cause her bond is so strong. She is also a photographer and loves to photograph peoples and animals, she even loves to photograph certain types of bugs. If there is one girl where the little ones are rather safe, its around Megan, as she is not always in for crushing little bugs, I repeat, NOT ALWAYS.)
-Wendy(24 years old, blank girl, with long blond hair, a nice butt and a big pair of boobs. Wendy is the elder sister of Mandy and works at the local supermarket. She is a hot girl and real family person, caring much for her family and always helping Mandy out when she can. But thats not the case with bugs as she will crush every bug who dares to wander around her feet.)
-Lyra(18 years old, blank girl with huge boobs, a nice ass and golden curled hair. Lyra is the hot cousin of Tezzy and is often found with her. She is a hypergenic girls and loves animals and cute boys. Tim and Tom have often seen her, and they do not really show interest in this girl and finds her weird, but still very friendly. But like Tezzy she is terrified of little bugs and if she spots one she runs away in terror, making it quite hard and dangerous to get her help.)
-Andrea(19 years old, chestnut colored hair, with a nice butt and medium sized boobs. Andrea is a really kind and social girl who hangs out with Mindy, Emily and Linda. She loves art and loves to photograph peoples and animals. Sometimes she heads out on a long holiday to the most beautiful of places around the world. But she does not like one thing, bugs. Tim and Tom know this girl, but do not know how she sees them as they are bug size.)
-Linda(17 years old, blank girl with long blonde hair and a nice ass. Linda is Mindy's best friend and 2 can always be found together at school. In her spare time Linda is full at work at the local scouting group, the beavers and the squirrels, helping children and heading out on adventures with the other members. However she does not like bugs that much, on the other hand, she has also learned to survive on bugs and has often devoured several bugs. Tim and Tom won't hopefully have the same faith.)
-Emily(17 years old, blank girl with blond curled hair, a nice pair of tits and a round ass. Emily is a good friend of Mindy, Linda and Andrea and is often seen hanging out with them. If there is one animal lover in school, than its Emily, as she takes care of a bunch of animals at her home and a whole lot of animals at the locan petting zoo. However she does not like bugs, and when facing one she will run away scared, but that doesn't make her less dangerous, as she often not aware of their presence.)
-Lynn (15 years old, blank girl, with small boobs and long, dark, brown hair. Lynn is the younger sister of Emmy and a really friendly and nice looking girls. She loves fashion and she always cuts and takes care of Emmy's hair, as she wishes to be a barber. Lynn like her older sister, hates and disgusts bugs, and will not hesitate to crush one. Tim and Tom better be careful, even though Lynn knows them.)
-Conchita(16 years old, Asian girl, with large nice boobs and a big round ass. Conchita is Roxanne neighbor and a very good and close friend of her. She often tries to protect and help Roxanne out as much as she can and is quite a feisty girl. She is not quickly scared of anyone and not even bugs. Every bug who tries to get close to Roxanne will find no better place, than the sole of this feisty asian girl.)
-Elise(20 year old, blond tall girl. She is a friend of Serrihan and sometimes hangs out with her. She is a friendly girl, though she does not know anything about Tim or Tom.)
-Julie(19 year old, red and black haired, emo girl with nice boobs. She is a friend of Serrihan, and is on the same school as Tim and Tom. They barely know her, and maybe its better to keep it that way.)
Other Male characters:

-Arnold(19 year old, black haired geek. Arnold is the unnoticed one, nobody in class cares about him except for Tim and Tom. This is ideal for Arnold since he is the sneaky pervert of the class. He has secret camera's and hacked into every girls laptop to see them while they do not notice. But Arnold also shrank one day, will the girl notice him being crushed? They won't even know it.)

-Delano(20 year old, blonde guy. He is Emmy's boyfriend and a real asshole. Delano loves sex, and he loves to do it with Emmy, for it is the only reason he has a relationship with her. He doesn't like Tim and Tom and if he finds out their shrunken to the size of bugs, he will fuck them up Emmy's pussy.)

-Freddy(20 year old, red haired guy. Freddy is a muscled guy and is one of the hottest guys in class. He got a nickname, and he is known as Freddy The Fucker among the girls. Why? Cause Freddy is often called when the girls are horny and he loves to do the job.
He doesn't shrink, which makes it dangerous to be around horny girls.)

-Imhad(19 year old, black haired Asian guy. Imhad is gone from class for a year and no one knows where he is. In reality he was the first who shrank in class! He also is in love with Esra and he can only think about her. Now a days he is her slave and he loves it and doesn't like to share his giantess goddess with any other shrunken slave.)

-Tony(20 years old, black haired Latin boy and Freddy's friend. He is also one of the cool guys in class and is also one who fucks girls. He doesn't care where, he has also done it in the school's toilet. His favorite girl to fuck is Annissa, but he also fucks the other girls when they want to. Tony thinks of Tim and Tom as geeks, as they are, and he does not really like them. If he finds about them, he will surely fuck them into a girls horny body.)

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