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by Ace
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You find a remote that can swap all most anything.

You find a remote that can swap all most anything.

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Feel free to add chapters as long as they follow the rules

You find a remote that can swap any thing of any to people, heads, faces, body parts, genders, you name it here are the characters.

You (Danny) 13. Blond hair and single not in good shape but not bad either.
Mom (Linda) 35. Very hot. Brown hair She looks like she never had kids.
Dad (Stan) 40. Generaly musculare. Blond hair as a kid but it darkened over time
Brittiny (Sister) 16. Single with blonde hair and DD size breasts
Anna (Sister) 9. Short brown hair and shroter than her class mates.
As a family you get along well.
More characters will be introduced as the story continues.

Justin(Best Friend) 13 Brown hair Deceint fysical shape. Plays the guitar. Avaerage popularity. In Danny's eyes he is awesome.
Victoria (neighbor) 13 long brown hair. Good physical shape. Nice girl.
Seirra (classmate) 14 Black Hair African American HOT! Friends with Brittany.
Eric(Friend) 13 blond-brown hair in a buzz cut. a little over weight.

THE REMOTE DOES WORK ON PICTURES AND VDIEOS! DRAWINGS AND ANIMATIONS IN CLUDED! IF IT'S NOT HUMAN (ex Sonic) YOU GET A HUMAN FORM OF IT (Blue spikey hair, blue jeans, blue unzipped jacket, tan shirt, ect.)

When you use the Wardrobe Swap EVERYTHING SWAPS!! Jewery, hair peices, jackets, coats (even if it is a winter coat) Body art (Henna is OK but try to avoid tatoos in general) even make up. Their hair clolor, style, and length swaps too. Not only the clothes they are whering right now but their whole clothing option, that's why it is wardrobe swap not clothes swap

Please no gay, sex,or dying, and keep sexual and cursing content to a minnimal. The last thing I wan't is for a sentence to run like this "As Danny was ******* justin he had to yell out "**** this feels good!" but it ended up killing Jutin". We want to focus on the character's swapping. And all swaps will only be noticed by Danny. When he makes a big change(gender swap) He recives a new memory. When he makes a small change(wardrobe swap) no new memory but it will be like it always has been that way and no one will notice. When you combine the two new memory.
Other than that have fun!
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