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You wake up on an Island populated by giant pokemon. Luckily you make a very big friend.

You wake up on an Island populated by giant pokemon. Luckily you make a very big friend.

This is an interactive story containing 337 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Hello welcome to my first interactive story.
Ok you are a human that finds himself/herself in an alternate dimension that is inhabited only by giant pokemon. Luckily for you you are found by a pokemon that is friendly and wants to help you find your way home. Together with your larger then life friend you have many adventures, make lots of friends, and fight many foes.

The story takes place on Emerald Island, home to all pokemon from 1st Gen to 4th Gen (and some 5th gen). Many locations on Emerald Island include:
Gem Stone Town
Happiness Valley (normal types)
Lava Springs (fire types)
Coral Bay (water types)
Verdant Forest (grass types)
Thnderbolt Fealds (electric types)
Aurora Planes (ice types)
Fury Falls (fighting types)
The Smog Lands (poison types)
Drill Horn Caverns (Ground types)
Hi-wind Hills (flying types)
Eon Valley (psychic types)
Cocoon Cave (bug types)
Megaton Peak (rock types)
Hollow Manor (ghost types)
Mystic Grove (dragon types)
Lunar Town (dark types)
Iron Head Isle (steel types)
(Note: any pokemon can visit any location regardless of type)
All the pokemon on the Island can talk ,plus they can use all the moves they can learn and special moves from other worlds (moves from TV, Games, and even some madeup moves). Also there is a pokemon school where they go and learn basics like math, reading, and writing but also battle related classes like battle strategies 101, dungeon exploration101,and gym battles.

Story Rules
1: I want people to be able to add thier own characters to the story, when you do add a character give a short bio on his/her name, looks, personality, likes, and dislikes (note if you make a character please add on to its story), after that you can start his/her story but, please leave the option to make a new character so others can start.
2: please alow others to add to your story but, if there is a part of the story that you whant to add specifically to please leave a + on the end of that choice.
3: please don't start the story with a legedary pokemon, you can meet them later on in your story but not a the very begining.
4: This is a kid friendly story so no inappropriate material, references, and try to keep language mild.
5: The pokemon in this story are normal so no anthro pokemon.
6: The pokemon don't eat each other but there are nonpokemon fish that they can eat.
7: None of the characters are to die in this story, you can put the characters in dangerous situations but they must survive.
8: Your character can transform in to a Pokemon if you want.
9: As long as you follow the rules above you can take the story in any direction you want, so feel free to add any additional characters or locations as you wish.
10:Have fun : )
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