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Powerful potions enter the worlds of anime, cartoons, and video games.

Powerful potions enter the worlds of anime, cartoons, and video games.

This is an interactive story containing 356 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Powerful potions make there way into the worlds of anime, cartoons, and video games, and it will cause major chaos. In the case of a video game world, the story must focus on a male character who is playable in the storyline of that game (meaning not just in bonus content and/or a multiplayer option, unless there are no male characters who fit that description), and in the case of an anime or cartoon world, the story must focus on either the protagonist or another male main character, unless one doesn't exist.


Love potion: Causes the girl who drinks it to fall madly in love with the first male non relative she sees, and if she already loves him, be unable to hide or deny it (even from herself as the case sometimes seems to be), overcoming any shyness in the process (if the girl in question doesn't realize her feelings, she will suddenly realize them). She will be so much in love that she will do anything the male wants, and she won't ever fall out of love with him. At first she will try to fight off any girl she thinks is trying to steal away the affection of the boy she loves, but as she will do anything he wants, he only needs to tell her not to. This potion is pink

Slave potion: Enslaves the girl who drinks it to the first male she sees (even if it's a relative). Once enslaved, the girl can't disobey any commands from the guy she's enslaved to if he wants her to do it (so if he accidentally says something sarcastically, or uses a figure of speech, she won't carry it out if he doesn't want her to), unless it isn't possible for her to do so, but she'll still try. The girl doesn't have to like the guy, she can even hate him, but even if she tries, she can't go against his orders, unless it involves changing her true emotions or opinions towards someone, If he tells her to act a certain way, or say a certain thing, she will, even if she doesn't want to (For example, if this potion is used on Sakura to enslave her to Naruto, he could make her act like she loves him and hates Sasuke, even if she doesn't). This potion is sky blue.

Body swap potion: Causes two people to switch bodies if drank. The potions' effects work for the souls of the people, not the bodies, so if a girl drinks a potion, and the boy who is the target of the potion's effects switches bodies with someone else, the girls won't love/be a slave to the body of the boy, but to the actual boy in another body. This potion is blue.

TG potion: When a boy drinks it, it turns the boy into a girl permanently (doesn't turn girls into boys, and can't be used on the person the story is focusing on). If you use this, then please put a link to a picture of the female version of the boy in the chapter the TG happens. This potion is red.

Female clone potion: Creates a female clone of a guy who drinks it (even the character the story is focusing on). Like with the above, please put a link to a picture of the female clone in the chapter she's created. The DNA of the clone will be made different by the potion however, so it wouldn't be incest if she gets under the effect of the love potion to the original, it does nothing to a female, except if it's a female clone of a male character, in which case, it will alter the DNA. If the character has some condition that causes them to have a gender switch that isn't controlled by them, but keeps the same mind, this will fully separate them, just with the girl version being a more feminine version of her original. This potion is purple.

Separation potion: If there are two or souls/spirits sharing one body, if the person has more than one personality, or if there is something sealed away in someone, this potion, can separate the souls, creating another body for that soul (the souls must leave on their own after the potion is used, so if one isn't aware of what's going on, it won't work), with no negative consequences to either of the two (if it is the main character who uses this, both/all parts will be the main character if they are both/all males, except if it is just to remove something sealed inside). This potion is yellow.

Transformation potion: Turns a character who isn't humanoid/human into a humanoid or full human. This potion is green.

Age potion: Changes a girl's age to the age of the first boy she looks at. This potion is orange.

Ghost potion: Gives the person who drinks it ghost powers. Only the main character, or a girl who is under the effects of the love, slave, mind lock, and multi-body potion can use this. Along with the standard invisibility, being able to pass through things, and possession abilities, the one who uses the potion can find and use the memories of whoever they are possessing. This potion is light green.

Mind lock potion: If a girl drinks this potion, it locks her mind away so that she can't think, beyond knowing how to do what she is ordered to do by the one she is bound to. The girl is then bound to the first male she sees, having to do whatever he orders (with the exception of being ordered for her mind to no longer be locked away), and if it is impossible, she'll keep trying until she is either killed or ordered otherwise by the one she is bound to. When she has no orders left to carry out, she will just stand/sit where she is and not do anything at all, with the exception of breathing, as if she is a living doll (which she basically is). The only ways to counter this are the love potion and multi-body potion, and as such, the mind lock potion won't work if the girl is under the effects of the love potion or mult-ibody potion. If someone uses the ghost potion to possess her, they can still access her mind, she just can't use it. This potion is bronze.

Multi-body potion: If a boy drinks this potion at the same time as a girl or multiple girls, the girl or girls' mind(s) will disappear, and the boy will be in all of their bodies (the girl or girls' minds can never come back). The boy will have all of the girl or girls' memories, and thus, know everything about them. The bodies will start off all making the same actions at the same time, and the boy has to learn how to move the bodies separately. This potion is violet

With the exception of the transformation potion, all of the above only work on humanoids/humans. I'm open for suggestions of more potions, but that doesn't mean I'll take them.

The potions won't work on girls who are married, unless they are widowed.

No gay/lesbian stuff or incest. Romance between a boy in a girl's body/form and a boy in their own body is ok, but if that is used, then the boy must stay in the girl's body permanently.

If I find out that someone who adds has stolen someone else's chapter, and then posted it as their own, then I'll delete it.

Use proper grammar and spelling.

Stick to the story that's going on, don't switch it all the sudden without any explanation.

If there is ever a debate on the gender of a character, then ask me, and I'll decide. Characters that are counted as female:
Haku (There is no way that Haku is a boy in my opinion, and I've got a few reasons).

Xion from Kingdom Hearts is a female clone of Sora, but since her form is made based on his memories of Kairi, she doesn't have his DNA, and instead has Kairi's.

I'm going to give 300 to anyone who makes an actual chapter without breaking one of my rules.

If someone ends the story, I'll either remake the chapter so that it isn't over, or get rid of it if it isn't use able at all. If I keep it then you'll get half the gift points, if I don't, then you get no gift points for the chapter.
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