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by Tex
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Your life will be changed as you or others grow or shrink.

Your life will be changed as you or others grow or shrink.

This is an interactive story containing 1,251 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
You find yourself going through a normal day when you or others start to change size.

This is supposed to be a fun story so the more people add on to it, the funner and better this story will become.You can grow to anything under 1500 feet, and shrink down to anything above 1/16 inch tall.

For the first time in a story, Im letting the reader be a female character, I realized that not every one who will read this will be a guy so I want to be fair.

Here are the characters; You, the main character, can be any of these three people;
You- Either, Davey, a 16 year old guy with a normal life, family and girlfriend. He is normally 5'10. Davey is intelligent and atheletic, he has dark colored hair and is very well-liked.
Elizebeth, Liz or short. She is a teenage girl, she is very attractive and has long, beautiful hair, a nice body and is very playful and fun. She has a size fetish and has often dreamnt of being a giantess or being shrunken. She normally is 5'6 in height and likes to play sports ( soccer, baseball and basketball being her favorites.)
Sean, a 35 year old guy who works at an office for a big business. He lives with his wife, and two daughters. Sean is normally 5/9 in height, he is smart and is very 'cautious'.

Other Character's;
Adrianna, she is Davey's 11 year old sister, she has long brown hair, she is very pretty but has a punky attitude, she loves to mess with Davey, she is normally only 4'10 tall.

Clara is your 17 year old sister, she has a great body and is very good looking. She has long black hair, she is playful and doesnt like Davey too much. She is normally 5'7 tall

Jacob is your five year old brother, he is very playful and Davey is his idol. He has short black hair and he is about 3'9 normally.

Ann, is Davey's mother. She is still in good shape for her age, she has dark colored hair like Davey and is very playful. She is a fun person and this may or may not be a good thing. Is normally 5'4.

Rick, Davey's dad, he isn't home much if at all. He is like Davey so there really isn't need for a good description for him.

Eddie, Liz's older brother. He is around 17 years old and never really got along with Liz. He is normally 5'11 and spends alot of time at their house. He is a little bit of a trouble maker as well.

Ray, Liz's younger brother. Ray is 2 years older than Liz and is a very nice person. he usually does what Liz says and is very quiet. He is smart andlikes to be succesful in anything he does. He is normally 5'6 tall.

Susie, Liz's older sister. She is 23 years old and isn't home as often. She has long brown hair and has always gotten along with Liz. She is normally 5'1 and is called short sometimes which gets her mad.

Goerge, Liz's father. he is a very strict person, former marine and is still a pretty big dude being 6 feet tall and in great shape. He loves football and often punishes Liz for anything she does wrong.

Mary, Liz's mother. Get along with her daughter and loves her family. She resembles Liz alot and is normally 5'7.

Kim, Sean's wife. Kim has an amazing body and is has loved her husband, Sean for the past 5 years, which they were married. She is very pretty and is a nice lady. Kim hates bugs though and likes to shop, but not as much as she use to when she wasn't with Sean. She is normally 5'4 tall

Isabel, Sean's daughter. Isabel is a 12 year old girl, she has long hair and is very atheltic. Isabel likes her dad alot but sometimes gets in trouble with him for wahtever reason. Isabel is normally 4'9

Amy, Sean's 6 year old daughter. Amy likes her dad and likes to play. Amy is cute and doesn't get mad often. She has alot of dolls and toys and stuff. She is normally 3'11

-keep chapter above a sentence, make them about two sentences in length at least
- good grammar and spelling, for this story, Im going to fix any chapters that have any misspelled words, okay
-Im fine with alot of stuff here in this story and those are my only rules.

Have fun, add on to this story, and enjoy.

Im amazed as I realize just how well this interactive has done. It has nearly 50 thousand views and over 600 chapters.
Thanks to everyone who added to this story, such as;
Tiny P
Dr. Pepper
leo boi
Drink Coca Cola
Rhita Gawr
ed bug
former user x-trial
and DeathBe4Dishonor and a whole bunch of others who have added to this story but I haven't added to this list.

Thank you so much for the additions so far!

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