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A world of magic where humans buy and sell fairies as both food and sex slaves. Yummy.

A world of magic where humans buy and sell fairies as both food and sex slaves. Yummy.

This is an interactive story containing 22 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Fairy Feast: Classic

          A world like, yet at the same time unlike, our own. A world of magic and wonder where fairies are numerous and treated like second-class citizens by the dominant humans. Here, a good portion of the world's economy is based on the buying and selling of fairies as everything from slaves and food to power sources and cheap labor. Fairies have no rights, but countless millennia of oppression have desensitized them to their plight, making the majority of them compliant and content, though not necessarily happy.

          In this story you will be able to choose whether to be a human master or a fairy -- one holds absolute power, the other is subject to their master's every whim. The ultimate dom or the ultimate sub. Which path will you choose?

          Some Ground Rules:

          1.) In the initial selection sections, always leave an "Other" option open for anyone with a fresh idea.

          2.) If you add any mythical creatures besides fairies to the story, they must be One: humanoid in shape (meaning no kitsune or purely animal mythical creatures unless you have them in an anthropomorphic form, and Two: subservient to or preyed upon by humans (because there are plenty of other stories with that kind of thing, and this story is dedicated to having humans at the top of the food chain). Example of what NOT to have: Illia, the mighty and ancient she-dragon laughed as she snatched up some of the puny, fleeing humans. Example of what you CAN have: Illia, the human-shaped dragoness, whimpered as her sneering master struck her deceptively soft hide with his whip.

          3.) Humans are dominant (related to Rule 2). The fairies, etc., can be rebellious or even defiant AS LONG AS THEY ARE EVENTUALLY PUNISHED FOR IT.

          4.) This is a work of fantasy catering to certain fetishes. It is neither a work of allegory nor a reflection on the character, sanity, or real-life beliefs of any of the participating writers.

          5.) Gratuitous anthro just for the sake of having anthro is strongly discouraged. A master cannot be randomly half monster/animal/whatever.

          5.5) Addendum to Rule 5: Hybrids of wildly different and/or incompatible species are forbidden unless it is indicated that the hybrid character is an anomaly and not the result of natural processes.

          6.) If you are going to add to the story, make sure that what you are adding is at least a paragraph long with good spelling, good grammar, and proper punctuation and capitalization.

          7.) Trolling (i.e., making intentionally bad or offensive posts for the sole purpose of causing chaos) is not allowed. The original poster (EvilFuzzy9) reserves the right to delete and/or replace any posts suspected to be trolling.

          8.) I (EvilFuzzy9) reserve the right to alter and/or add to the rules when convenient or necessary.
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