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Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Adult · #1723263
This is a story about what would happen if you could change women's body.

This is a story about what would happen if you could change women's body.

This is an interactive story containing 44 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
*InfoB* General information:
*CheckG* - Things accepted are;
- Breast expansion*
- Butt expansion
- Pregnancy
- Belly expansion / inflation
- Mildly erotic scenes

*XR* - Things NOT accepted are;
- Vore / unbirth
- Intense sex scenes
- Homosexuality**
- Foot fetishes
- Tickling fetishes

* Breast expansion involving lactation is accepted.
** Lesbian scenes MAY be accepted, depending on quality.

*Dollar* - Rewards:
- You may recieve rewards if adding good quality chapter.
- You may recieve rewards if reaching certain amount of chapters added.

*No* - Chapter removal:
- A chapter can be removed if it doesn't meet the requirements of quality.
- A chapter can be removed if it was asked to. (to replace it with a better chapter*)

* If the new chapter won't be qualified to be better the original will be restored.


One day a boy have granted a wish to modify any female body, and any part of it. Also; you are a 18 years old guy who called Andrew.

Character list:
Andrew: Average 18 year old guy. He has got no girlfriend and he has a fetish of breast expansion and butt expansion.

Jill: One of Andrew's classmates. She is not too smart however she has got great body. She doesn't like Andrew much. She has got C cup breasts, slim belly and an average sized butt.

Erica: One of Andrew's classmates. One of the flattest girl in her class, however she is very smart. She likes Andrew and used to talk with him. They know each other about four years for now. She has got A cup breasts slim belly and a flat butt.

Nina: One of Andrew's classmates. She is not the most brightest person, but his almost perfect body ballances this. She doesn't care about boys much especialy not Andrew. She is lesbian what she is trying to cover however her best friend knows this. She has got D cup tits slim belly and pant-busting voleyball-sized ass.

Lilly: One of Andrew's classmates. She is the smartest girl in the class. Her upper body is completely flat and she would do anything to have bigger breasts. Her butt is however almost as big as Nina's. She clearly dislikes Andrew. She once was in love with him but when Andrew declined her she was in deep depression. Since then, she never really talked to Andrew.

Zoe: One of Andrew's classmates. She is quite smart and also has a great body. She knows Andrew since they were 14. She loves Andrew but she is shy to tell him. However they used to talk a lot since they are good friends. She has got D cup breasts a slightly soft belly and a firm, round rear.

Jessica: One of Andrew's classmates. She is not as smart as Zoe but more smarter than Nina, but her body is way less perfect. Nina is her best friend. She knows that Nina isn't attracted to boys. She has got B cup breasts, a pillow-like soft belly, and a slightly noticeable rear. She has no relation with Andrew.

Caroline "Melons": She isn't Andrew's classmate however she is in the same age as her. She is a typical
blonde. She is hardly a birght person but she is perfectly slim and she has got a pair of natural DD's. She has an average rear. She is often called "Melons" for obvious reasons. She loves to show of her breasts. She wears a tight and white button-up shirt leaving the top buttons unbuttoned.

Ms. Violet: She is a 28 year old teacher. She teaches mathematics and physics. She is quite well informed. Also she is popular among the boys. She has flat belly, a nice rear, and E cup jugs. That is know that she had plastic surgery.


Eric: One of Andrew's classmates. He is a good friend of Andrew. He is a bit perverted but most of the girls like to hang out with him.

*Pencil* Note: More characters can be added during the story but when they firs appear discribe him / her.
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