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You get a box that allows you to create, control, and bring to life fictional girls.

You get a box that allows you to create, control, and bring to life fictional girls.

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Your name is Nick. One day, you get a weird black box in the mail. If you put a picture of a fictional girl inside, and then open it, you get a completely lifelike figurine of that fictional girl. If you speak the name of that fictional girl and a change you want to happen to them, they come to life, and the change happens to them. While alive, they must do what you say IF you insist upon it. They retain their personalities, but they also have to obey your every order (eventually, unless you specify a time, such as “Now”).

No killing Nick off or ending the story.

The box is six inches by six inches by four inches. Any figurines created will fit within the box.

Nick must be holding the box to make changes to girls, but not necessarily to command them. Any girl brought to life by the box cannot touch the box, although they may try.

The box’s changing power works on naturally real girls too, but you cannot control them like you can fictional girls unless you could control them anyway. (Fat chance of that.) The subject's clothes change with them, so they can't rip.

If you put multiple pictures of girls inside, the box creates one figurine for each. If you put multiple pictures of the same girl inside, the box creates one figurine. If you put pictures of different versions of girls inside (like Esper Form Terra and Normal Terra), they do not respond to their name unless you specify the version first.

The change happens even if it would normally be impossible for them to survive it. For instance, you could say “Mikoto Misaka, expose your heart”, and she would rip her chest open to show you her still-beating heart, and she would be none the worse off for it. (Not that you’d want to see her heart.) The command system is very metaphor/sarcasm-sensitive, so telling a girl to “spill her guts” does not necessarily translate into seppuku, and telling her to turn her shirt inside out and sing while dancing on one foot does not register if it’s said sarcastically. (Code Geass R2 reference there.)

Similarly, you could say "Kazumi Yoshida, lift the desk" while she's just a foot high and she'd do it, even though it would normally be impossible for her on account of both her size and her frailty.

The main character is as follows:
-Nick’s appearance: He’s tall and has short black hair. His skin is somewhere between tan and pale, and he tends to wear casual wear (aside from pocket T’s.) His favorite shirt is a gray one that states, “A clear conscience is the sign of a bad memory”.
-Nick’s personality: Nick tends not to talk much. When he does talk, he’s often concise, that is to say, short and to the point. He’s very observant and intelligent, and will often make observations that surprise people. He’s more of a foul-weather friend than anything – he dislikes social gatherings, but likes to help out. He likes anime and video games. He likes Amelia but doesn’t know he likes her, however he is perfectly aware that Amelia likes him. The one time he tried to dig up feelings for her, he ended up watching Linkin Park OMVs on Youtube until he cried, and then going to bed early.

Other characters:
-Amelia: Amelia is pale-skinned, with long black hair, an unimpressive figure, and a slight frame. (She’s not goth, she just looks like she is.) As for her personality, she’s cynical, sarcastic, somewhat spiteful, and often rude. She has a crush on Nick, but doesn’t know it, but she knows Nick well enough to know that he likes her. The one time she tried to dig up feelings for Nick, she ended up getting extremely confused, watching Linkin Park OMVs on YouTube until she cried, and then going to bed early. (This is ironic for obvious reasons.)

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