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You're stuck in a mansion filled with big butt BBWs and even bigger butted giantess!!!

You're stuck in a mansion filled with big butt BBWs and even bigger butted giantess!!!

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You're dared by a friend to spend a night camping deep in a supposedly haunted forest. Not one to turn down a dare, you set out deep into the woods with your tent. After spending more time than you hoped looking for a suitable camping spot, you suddenly realize you're lost! Circling for what seems like hours, you only get deeper into the forest, more and more trees that are taller and taller hemming in around you and blocking out all sunlight.

You're a breath's width from despair when you feel like you've just walked through an invisible curtain, and an absolutely enormous mansion materializes in front of you, covered from prying eyes under the canopy of the now humongous trees around you! The mansion seems to go on for forever in every direction, and you have to pinch yourself a few times to make sure you're not dreaming. Thinking you're saved, you make your way up to one of the many doors of the mansion, unfortunately you might be better off wondering the forest...


Alright, this mansion you've found is actually a haven filled with big butt beauties from BBWs to giantess to giant mythical creatures like nagas and more! The mansion is separated for the most part into sections for each, and each section has a city's worth of stuff for it's citizens, from dorms, to malls, all the way to waterparks (so you can have yourself and whatever girl(s) you're with in just about any situation you can think of ^_^).

Unfortunately for you, you're already a really short and skinny guy to begin with, and all of the girls in the mansion are used to only having to look out for other girls their size (and even the BBWs are pretty darn big compared to you. That's sure to lead to all kinds of accidents, and that's assuming you can even get someone to notice you're there in the first place.

I'm wanting everything to kind of focus around the butts of these girls, and you being stuck under, around, and even in them, as well as everything that comes along with butts, including farting and toilet stuff. Try to keep yourself unnoticed as long as possible, I absolutely love the accidental/unaware torturing, especially when the girl would never be doing things like farting and such even around you if she knew you were there. ^____^

No underage characters, and no other guys in the story. Also, don't kill yourself off, for continuation purposes, you're invincible.

Anyway, hope everyone enjoys this, and happy reading!

(100 gift points for adding, a lot more than that if I especially like the chapter!)
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