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  1. The beginning (Jake).
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The world certainly is an odd place when you're 6 inches tall!
Chapter 1

The beginning (Jake).

    by: gemini, adrift   More by this author
<Jake's tale>
You wake up one morning, it is an average moring like any other, except that you don't have to go to school anymore, it's summer, and you're 17, so you can finally see those R rated movies your step-mom's forbid you to see. You've never been on good terms with your step-mom, your dad married her and died in a car accident a year later when you were 15, and you've been hard on her ever since. She brought her daughters along, Nicki, who is 22 and finishing college, and Victoria, who is 16. Both are devastatingly beautiful like their mother (of course!). You also have an older brother who is 19, Christopher, but he doesn't like you too much. You crawl out of bed and into clothes when suddenly...
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