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Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Action/Adventure · #1742282
You are one of five bio-weapons, the Psyanthro, surviving an accident on a space-station.

You are one of five bio-weapons, the Psyanthro, surviving an accident on a space-station.

This is an interactive story containing 1 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Felstide Station has been used as a research station by Earth to study a newly found source of human development, the mind. People have had their bodies changed by use of their psyches becoming a part of their bodies. People that have undergone this transformation have had very positive results. Becoming resilient to diseases by simply willing themselves to remove them from the body. Able to become stronger by having their mindset actively pushing their muscles to the brink of perfection over time. And much more to be listed among.

One researcher in particular has made a breaking discovery that if a human is born with an amped psyche they can have these developments activate quicker and with much more ease than regular people making the transformation. Doctor Elaine Harthen, has named her project Psyanthro, the fusion of human and mind. However the post-born transformations have led to horrid end results.

People who have undergone transformations have become unsettling after long periods of the change. Emotional and bodily malfunctions have occurred in normal people who changed. These changes have worsened overtime making most who have undergone the tests violent threats. They have become driven by their overactive minds and emotions, transforming some into grotesque creatures based on their inner thoughts being brought to the boiling point. They have been named Psy.

Elaine, being one of the few who has not undergone the test, has asked permission of the head of the research team, Doctor Tate, to awaken the Psyanthro. The head of security and old war veteran, Thomas Rive, has given permission to have the Psy eliminated if need be. The Psyanthro must escort Elaine and survive the assaults of the raving Psy until help from Earth arrives.

The five Psyanthro are prototypes who have not been given a range of emotion. Their minds are split between one negative implanted trait and one positive. They have much less of a chance of becoming a Psy if they keep their two emotions balanced.

1) Name: Unit Five-Kalpa (Main Character)
Gender: Male
Psionic Implants: Discord - Harmony
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Height: 6"1
Weight: 207 lb.
Bio: Last of the series to be made, he is a recreation of the first unit, Zero, who had to be killed due to his emotions going rampant. He was awoken early and thus has little to no knowledge of most besides his implanted knowledge which he has not been able to practice. He is the least informed of the situation, but most thoughtful since his emotion is balanced on order. Can sometimes go on rampaging tangents due to his opposing mindset.
Abilities: Normal psychic powers such as the movement of objects and the fluxing of time.

2) Name: Unit Four-Margerrette
Gender: Female
Psionic Implants: Passionate - Fickle
Sexuality: Lesbian
Height: 5"9
Weight: 163 lb.
Bio: The most presentable of the group who always wants to put out to style and fashionability. An ace marksman with a thing for acting high-class. Yet she can also be the most useless for the fact that she will constantly wonder the points of battling and getting her newly stolen outfits dirty. She refuses to have anything less than perfect.
Abilities: Static kinesis and magnetism. Her speciality is being able to change the trajectory of bullets; allowing one bullet from her rifle to pierce an enemy several times before it gets lodged or damaged.

3) Name: Unit Three-Cardin
Gender: Male
Psionic Implants: Fun - Anger
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 6"3
Weight: 163 lb.
Bio: The most active member as well as the most bloodlust filled. His wants to have fun and to be strong have led to his body becoming a thin plate of steel, metaphorically speaking. He wants nothing more than to fight and will do it gladly without question. He will only listen to Elaine and those stronger than him.
Abilities: Pyro Kinesis.

4) Name: Unit Two-Rachel
Gender: Female
Psionic Implants: Fear - Hope
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Height: 5"4
Weight: 124 lb.
Bio: A sorry excuse for a fighter but the best friend people can ask for. She's more of a supporter when it comes to battles since her power is invisibility. Marge treats her like a little sister and constantly bullies her about being weak when she has a higher advantage than most of them. She looks up to Elaine and Marge.
Abilities: Invisibility and Hydro Kinesis.

5) Name: Unit One-Tiel
Gender: Changes (usually male)
Psionic Implants: Sadness - Joy
Sexuality: Gay
Height: Changes
Weight: Changes
Bio: He is the reason for the destruction of Unit Zero from accidentally making him fall in love with him and forcing his emotions to frenzy. Tiel was to be the new leader but his sudden spiral into depression made this impossible resulting into the forced creation of Unit Five. His feelings of the incident have made him mute out of guilt, his body is constantly changing form except for his face and hair. Although he is still a valued member of the team. He is the least likely to become a Psy.
Abilities: Anthro Kinesis, he is able to make massive changes to his body to the DNA level. Skinny, muscular, growing, shrinking, male, female, and for some reason hermaphrodite? He's able to change anything about his body as long as he has the resources to do so, like food and water.

Rules: I allow mostly everything as long as the story follows. This is an action, adventure, sci-fi so I would like chapters that add to that. There can be sex, but please follow their sexualities and don't make it a large part. Also follow their personalities.

Comment: I'm sorry that this story is so straight-forward with so little freedom. I wanted to make this story for a long time time, but I could never come up with a full idea as this is inspired by a few games that have small ties with the premise; main ones being Dead Space, Doom 3, and Baroque. If you do not like this type of story then please don't read. I would like comments on the concept and ideas though, don't hold back, be as brutal as you can be if it's to that much disdain. This is my first posted story. This is also not my usual style of writing.
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