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Jeff and Amanda have decided to shrink to 1 inch tall and see who finds them first!
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Chapter 5

Kari agrees to own the little people

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Kari grabs the tiny couple and tosses them into her bag and heads back to her house. She stopped at the pet store on her walk home to buy a small cage for her new pets to live in. She arrived home to the loud sound of her son playing with his friend in the living room.

"Tyler keep it down! I have some work to do so I'll be in my bedroom for a while don't interrupt me unless it's important!" Kari said to her son.

Kari cleared space out on her desk and set the tiny couple down. They stared up at their new goddess waiting on her next move eagerly. Kari set the cage down next to the couple.

"I got you two a little present, it's a new home which you will live in whenever I don't have you out to play with." Kari said straight sternly.

She placed a fine layer of hamster bedding into the cage then dropped Jeff and Amanda down and closed the metal door behind them. Jeff walked up to the bars and peered out onto the vast expanse of the room in front of him. Kari's house was much bigger than their apartment and had felt like he was atop a high plateau overlooking the grand canyon.

Kari bent down over the cage with her heaving chest taking up much of the view from the couples perspective and said, "I want you to get comfortable while I change and don't be afraid to get busy in the mean time because I'll be expecting much of that soon".

Amanda slapped her man's ass to grab his attention as he was gawking at the site of the two massive breast above. Jeff turned to Amanda will his dick already hard. They began making out and rubbing on each other. The fell down to the soft bedding below where they rolled around in great pleasure in one another's embrace. Amanda's breathed heavily looking up through the bars past her lovers face to see her goddess's face now looking down on her. She was so excited she forcibly pushed her pussy into Jeff's cock forcing it deep within her. She couldn't take the pure intensity of the moment with her master watching she came to orgasm in moments as her man destroyed her tiny millimeter wide cunt.

"Great job! I'm happy to see my little pets already going at it. Don't use up all your energy yet because we're just getting started!" Kari said while opening the top of their cage.

Kari reached in and grabbed the couple still in the moment of climax. Jeff found himself unable to pull out while pressed so firmly into his woman. He came to orgasm as soon as Kari's bare skin touched his ass and found the sensation greater than any he had ever felt. It was no time to think about pregnancy although it might be possible at their size he just didn't care right now and neither did Amanda. The couple were dropped down onto the bare stomach of their mistress who was now lying in her bed. She had stripped to nothing but panties. Her ample breast moved down towards the couple as gravity pulled them towards the bed.

"Honey I just had the most amazing orgasm!" Jeff exclaimed.
"I know me too! Dear lord look at her giant breast they look like blimps!" Amanda said whilst using her finger to remove what she could of Jeff's spluge that remains inside of her.

"Both of you to your feet!" Kari said in a very authoritarian tone.

"It's time to earn your keep from now on your life is to keep me entertained be it sexual or what. Your master has her needs, bring me to climax and you both get to go back in your cage for the night, fail and i'll decide on a punishment." Kari said.

Jeff immediately walked up Kari's stomach to her heaving bosom where he started the steep climb up her tits. He made it to her left nipple where he used his mouth to bite the tit and his hands to squeeze it. Kari smiled as she found this to be greatly arousing. Her tits got harder from this making Jeff's job much more enjoyable as he was able to stand and hump her giant tit as he pleasured her.

Kari soon felt a tingling beneath her panties as she realized Amanda had slipped beneath and was currently working at getting under her hood to pleasure her clit.

Kari decided it was time to take it to the next level and removed her panties grabbing Jeff in her one hand and holding Amanda in place. She was ready to start these two on a new adventure...
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