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You enter a martial arts tournament filled with girls... Based on the work of MartinXManga

You enter a martial arts tournament filled with girls... Based on the work of MartinXManga

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(NOTE: i edited some chapters in the Alexa fight to the death... Have a look :) )

This story is based on the work of MartinXManga (who i am a HUGE fan of). His work is amazing, and he is a good friend of mine as well. Please check out his website to see all of the characters that appear in this story: http://martinxmanga.atspace.com/index.html

You are a trained fighter, and a VERY good one at that... However you believe your fighting skills are superior to any woman. After all, women are slower and weaker than men, right?? And with a fighting level like yours, no girl could EVER beat you...

One night you are on your computer looking at martial arts websites when you stumble across a girl who posts in forums about how she can beat "ANY MAN" in a fight. So you get her into an Instant Messaging window and begin to talk with her. Your arguement gets pretty heated, and she tells you about an all female martial arts tournament that is held. She says that she is entering it, and that you should enter too and see just how tough you are.

You accept her challenge...


Kendra: A Beautiful red haired girl... She is a good hearted girl who is in this tournament to fight and win. Although she does enjoy making her opponents worship her perfect feet after she defeats them.

Alexandra (or Alexa): A sexy but evil brunette... She is an AMAZING fighter and he even has some evil dark powers... But she is not just here to win. Alexa wants to kill every opponent she faces and collect their soul. She loves inflicting pain and humiliation, and nothing gives her more pleasure than you crush her opponents to death under her sexy feet.

Jessica: A young blonde girl who is new to the martial arts scene, but she is deadly. Jessica is very fast and hit hits carry a lot of force. She is also a bit of a feminist nazi, so she really enjoys putting men in their rightful place... AT HER FEET.

Susan: This red head is just straight up dangerous... You do not want to face her. She is Jessica's older sister, and she is fast and powerful like Jessica, but with more of a martial arts knowledge. Like Jessica, she hates men. If you do manage to defeat Jessica, you WILL have to answer to the feet of Susan.

Sasha: Blonde hair, blue eyes, a sweet looking girl. But this girl is pure evil, and so is her twin sister Nisha. Sasha is experienced, and she is used to fighting in tournaments where the winner humiliates the loser with her feet. So after she beats you, she will have no problems doing the same to you.

Nisha: Exactly like Sasha, blonde hair and blue eyes, but as evil as you can get. Like Sasha, Nisha will enjoy kicking you to the ground and humiliating you under her feet. But also know that if you mess around with this girl, you may end up in a 2 on 1 battle with her and Sasha, which will mean 2 pairs of feet to destroy you and humiliate you!

Alice: Black hair, dark eyes, tribal tattoos, this girl is going to be the end of you. When she beats you, she doesn’t just want to win, she wants to destroy you under her perfect bare feet. You will be lucky to crawl away from a fight with Alice, let alone actually win.

(More characters will be added as Martin creates more... There are a lot more girls on his website, but i am too unfamiliar with them to add them to the story right now)

So enjoy the story, and please visit http://martinxmanga.atspace.com/index.html to see these sexy girls in action!!!
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