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A jaded woman gets revenge on her ex-fiance by shrinking him and his friends.

A jaded woman gets revenge on her ex-fiance by shrinking him and his friends.

This is an interactive story containing 56 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
I've decided to turn a shrinking themed story that I wrote a few years ago into an interactive one.

A jaded woman gets revenge on her ex-fiance' by shrinking him and his friends then torturing each of them in various horrific ways.

This story contains the Macrophilia/Giantess theme, that includes, vore, foot-fetish, ass smothering and crush to name a few. If you are a fan of cruel women who shrink, torture and kill their victims in creative ways, then this is for you.

In this story, you'll be able to check it out from various points of views. You can play as one of the many shrunken victims or dictate how April enacts her revenge. It even has several openings for April to show her gentle loving side, for the gentle giantess fans. I hoped to cover it from all aspects.

The first two chapters set the stage then you'll have an opportunity to take it in the direction that you see fit.

Meet the characters ((I'll update this list as more are introduced.))

April Robins: A gorgeous blonde with large breasts, long legs, petite feet and an awesome shaped rear. She became very controlling, not allowing Joey to see his friends and she was very jealous and violent at times. Too much for him to handle, so she took it to the next level. She's dabbled in black magic and found a way to get her revenge. Shrinking Joey and his friends.

Joey Anderson: He's an athletic and outgoing guy with dark hair and brown eyes. He's grown up playing sports and driving fast cars.

Brad Reaves: He has brown hair, hazel eyes and average build. He's been best friends with Joey since grade school.

Frank Underhill: He's blonde haired, blue eyed guy with an average build. He likes to party and have fun with his girlfriend, Carrie. He and Joey work together and have been friends for a long time and recently became roommates.

Carrie Sanchez: She's the busty, shapely, dark haired, brown eyed girlfriend of Frank.

Shelly Carson: A redheaded, slender free spirit. She's been known to get around and have slept with her share of guys, including Joey.

Beth Robins: the younger sister of that twisted April. She is blond haired, with blue eyes, slender yet shapely. She is the only one of the group with clothes in the beginning, but that can always change. She's wearing a trendy top, exposing her nice sized cleavage, shorts showing off her legs and sandals, wiggling her succulent toes. She loves to party with drugs and booze, and is a bit of a free spirit herself.

A few rules:

- Please do not include any male homosexual themes. I do not have a problem with homosexuality, but I'd rather not have this story go in that direction. And yes that includes no male giants, ect. Thanks for understanding.

- Please stay with the theme of the story. April can't just snap her fingers and make people shrink or grow. As you'll learn from the first two chapters, she used a magical ritual to shrink Joey and her friends. It wasn't an easy task. But feel free to add other females into the story to act as the giantesses. Her roommate can come home or perhaps a female neighbor or female cop, ect.

- You'll have the opportunity to play from the point of view of Joey or any one of his friends, when posting please keep tract of which character you are and keep it in first person.

- There will also be a selection path which allows you to dictate how April or the other normal sized women interact or torture the people. In doing so keep them third person.

- I do not have a problem if you would like to kill off the characters, but please offer an escape option before creating the death scene to keep the story going.

- Other than that, be creative and have fun! As long as you adhere to the above guidelines have at it! I'll reward GPs for creative and well thought out posts. Thanks for playing!

- I'm open to constructive criticism. Feel free to rate and offer your input or email me directly for any typos or errors that I may have over looked. :)
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