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Growing girls who deserve it for a change.

Growing girls who deserve it for a change.

This is an interactive story containing 73 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
*Note: This Interactive is still very much a work in progress, hence the no-ratings setting. Still feel free to add if you like the idea.*

Too many gts stories give the gift of growth to random girls or worse vapid bimbos described only by some phrase like 'blond hair and big boobs.' As part of my life long quest to grant alternatives to things that suck I'm creating this interactive. The girls who grow in this story will not be your standard cut-out. Instead they will be women who will relish the role of giantess or at the very least reinvent it.

Some Rulz to keep out the FAIL

1) Growing kids and teens is fine but no extreme underage sex (ie. under 14).

2) Don't add if you completely suck. Sucking includes but is not limited to, adding one sentence chapters, describing a women by means of bra sizes, ignoring all known rules of grammar, and/or writing out of character behavior in order to cheaply set up sexual scenes.

3) Only grow the type of girls allowed for your particular storyline. For example if you are adding to the punk girl thread of the interactive no growing sorority chicks....in fact no growing sorority chicks at all in this story since they are boring as hell.

Story Summary

I will begin this interactive by creating 5 main branches. In each branch a unique type of girl, one less often seen in gts stories, will receive the gift of growth. These main branches are as follows.

1) Feminine Uprising: In this story feminists ranging from ideological to militant will be grown into giantesses. Will they decide to end the patriarchy by force or will they simply act to protect their weaker sisters.

2) Mosh Earth: Punk Girls are hot and not because of their piercings, because of a strong, sometimes violent, sense of self determination quite lacking in most contemporary females. This also makes them the perfect giantesses so lets grow them like they deserve.

3) Tomboy Titans: Young girls before they get destroyed by Cosmo and Teen Magazine and some older women who survive the brainwashing. These giantesses will be unruly, unmannered and most certainly unhygenic.

4) Cosplay Divas: They're quirky and creative, the divas of the geek world, they're Cosplay Chicks. Lets grow them, costumes and all.

5) Microphiles: The title says it all; in this thread the women who become giantesses have fantasized about this very thing before. Soon their fantasies will become reality and the world will know new rulers.
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