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Your name is Scott and you one day find a magic necklace that allows the wearer to merge themselves with others.

Absolutely anything goes in story! Just obey the necklace's limits.

Here is a guideline of the necklace's limits and uses:

Only the person wearing the necklace can merge themselves with others.

When the necklace's wearer merges with someone there are 2 ways to go about it:
(The wearer decides)

1. Body Merge: Only the physical bodies merge. The wearer is in complete control and the person he/she merged with has no memory of the merge.

2. Body AND Mind Merge: Both bodies and minds are combined. All the minds influence actions and govern decisions. All the minds also remember everything that happens during the merge.

Here is a list of premade characters but fell free to add as you please!

Name: Scott
Age: 17
Description: 5'7 with black hair and blue eyes. Average guy.

Name: Nicole
Description: 5'5 with red hair and green eyes. Large breasts and a chubby hourglass figure.

Name: Daniel
Description: 5'9 with black hair with blue eyes. Managed to keep his Jock body from high school. Big wear it counts.

Description: 5'4 with red hair and blue eyes. Inherited your father's athletic abilities and build. Small breasts

Name: Rebekah
Description: 5'7 with black hair and blue eyes. Bombshell figure.

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