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Tickle your funny bone with telling this story & laugh "Nonsense Silly Story"

Tickle your funny bone with telling this story & laugh "Nonsense Silly Story"

This is an interactive story containing 19 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
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My day was a hectic lazy night when I was slowly propelled to my bed to walk through the zoo and listen to the animals not sing to the wacky wicky blob. It wasn't a good sentence however they tried vehemently to show their misery performing this musical. What happened next before gave me a shout of noise I couldn't hear, so I lept to my feet falling onto the street and saw elephants with crayfish fly on the avalanche which swept the clouds away. As if this wasn't wonderful enough my water broke and escaped from the flask which was pointed at me in self-defense for me thirst was waning and I didn't know where the water closet was not located.

The coroner eventually hasn't arrived scooped me out of the plastic bag that had a bunch of rotten fruit and vegetables leaking through a tiny hole creeping into the sky and threw me into the side of his pickup truck ROLLS RICE on a stretcher under the bed. As slow as possible I was driven through the forest quickly to the circus called the Reformatory, and gently resurrected under debris in the buzzards nest... "wait! I don't have a parachute!" I thought as I again awoke in a frog and snored in deep sleep. Actually, I should be sleeping like a clog but there was a log in my way. But, it was still day so I didn't get my Pj's off and dressed into my coffin with a tie and waste coat that I received out from under my clothes drawer because it was taken from me by my best friend a gift given to my on my death-day. The pockets were slim. short. and shapeless but this mattered because I didn't care. They were so important I decided to add them to all of my wardrobe as slowly as possible because I'm always in a hurry.

Eventually, I didn't sleep last yesterday and stayed awake snoring until daylight waned and dreams ran away with the pumpkin in cold pursuit following the bones wrapped in hot dogs chilled to boiling over. The trail of broken glass cascaded with a horrible thud toward the sky and everyone know everything about nothing.

As if this wasn't fun enough, now you have the un-opportunity to subtract to this story. Have fun, and by all means tickle someones funny bone with your word art so that we all can have a belly-shaking cry. I look forward to repelling your stories about your day night and what you didn't do a far time recently.

Safe travels and many blessings.

Did I mention Your stories are unimportant? I really don't want to know, so write all you don't want and I'll not read them minus no gift points won't be given to any of your stories that you don't write even if you don't write them elsewhere.

Please don't have a fun time writing these stories and by all means, don't be full of sanity either. And, while you're not at it please or rather unplease don't do any writing so that nobody reads it and doesn't laugh while rolling off the floor giggling in tears. Also, WordArt is important or unimportant depending on nobodies pointing of sight and no opinion at all.

Your turn if you dare, thanks.





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