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You are shrunk in an airport.
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Chapter 3

The Great Experiment

    by: GCSize15   More by this author
You stand up, slowly regaining your bearings as the floor shakes beneath you.


You notice all the people around you are similarly dazed and confused and something feels... off. Just a subtle thing you cant quiiiiiite notice but its nagging at the back of your head...


Another shake. The hustle and bustle of the airport remained dead silent, stunned by the tremor.


A shadow starts to fall across the wide concourse as you realise what it off... the light... you look to the window to see...


Two hazy pillars towering in the distance, they move closer and closer.

No. It can't be...

The still of the airport quickly turned to chaos and panic as...


The pillars move ever closer to reveal what they are. Two impossibly large high heeled boots. The heels at the back alone are several times stalled than the building you stand in.

The left boot took another step as a cataclysmic explosion threatened to burst your eardrums. The red sole of the gargantuan piece of footwear collided into a plane outside causing it to crumple and burn on impact.

A mischievous giggle came down from the heavens, amplified to an ungodly volume.


The boots retracted as the vast, almost incomprehensible creature lowered down onto her belly and take a peek inside the pitiful building in her shadow. Soon you could see a vast green eye behind spectacles looking straight at you with wonder. The clothing in the distance looked like a lab coat.

"I cant believe this worked. Hi little people!!!!"

Her eager shouting caused everyone to stop and cover their ears.

"Sorry about this. I was working on this device to transport people across dimensions, ya see? It was only supposed to bring one person across but I didnt expect for your world to be so, well, buggy! Ah well, now you're here I guess I gotta..."
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