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Can you survive in a voracious anthro pokemon world on the verge of the apocalypse? [NSFW]

Can you survive in a voracious anthro pokemon world on the verge of the apocalypse? [NSFW]

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:

Since Writing.com has devolved in its services and has paywalled free-users from reading interactives, I am transferring Viral: Pokemon Vore over to a new website, CHYOA.com: https://chyoa.com/story/Viral%3A-Pokemon-Vore.17710

This website is an erotic interactive story hub with very similar features as writing.com's own system. It has less text formatting options for chapters, but it features no limit on chapter choice amounts and has a Story Map feature just like the Story Outline here on this website. That's the biggest thing I wanted considering some people want to jump to specific parts in the story. CHYOA also allows me to let specific people add to Viral, set variables to where only certain chapters can be read based upon what the reader chooses, etc. It's fucking GREAT.

There's also no character limits that I've come across yet, so chapters can be as long as I want, and I won't have to rush or cut content from any Bad End/story-heavy chapters. So I'm copying over all of my work here from my storyline over to CHYOA. In time, I'll probably transfer over the other storylines, or if the other authors make accounts, I can let them re-add their chapters.

Secondly, I'm re-writing or editing old chapters from the very start of Lace's storyline. I started and wrote Viral about ten years ago before I ever really wrote a story at all. My inexperience is really telling for the first-half of that storyline, and I want to improve upon, especially since there's going to be a new audience for it on the new website.

That said, I will still probably continue adding the chapters over here as well for those that don't want to use the new website, but CHYOA will be my priority from here on out. That website may also feature new or more choices that you won't find here on Writing.com, just as a warning. CHYOA is free to read over there and make an account for, and is completely dedicated to erotic writing. I absolutely recommend going there.

Thank you to anyone that took the time to read or add to Viral. This has been a fun hobby of mine for the longest, and I appreciate how large it became here. I still intend to keep writing to it, especially now that I don't have to worry about Writing.com's paywall. Honestly, it felt like the staff on this site disliked how much erotic and fetishized content there was with interactive stories specifically, so over time, they implemented features such as limiting to how many interactives users could make, to only paid users can make them, to outright ensuring only paid users can even read them. It's a shame, but here we are.

Go check CHYOA out!

Also, if you read Viral regularly or check it every now and again, can you please fill out this survey? It's completely anonymous, so don't be afraid to answer. I'd like to know more about readers of this, what they like, and what they would recommend. Please click the link if this applies to you, and are interested in informing me.


Survey's here: https://forms.gle/8MkBA6RpPesg1gZC6


          You live in a world flourished with anthro pokemon, with villages and beautiful landscapes at every turn. But the world is not as peaceful as it seems. A strange infection has all of a sudden occurred, making pokemon turn violent and hungry for reasons unknown. They become unaware of their actions and lustfully hunt for food and even toys...

Simple rules that you should be able to follow as a potential writer for this interactive, hopefully:

- When I say anthro pokemon, what I mean is that they're bipedal, (walks on two legs), and nothing else is changed about the pokemon unless the pokemon is already small. If the pokemon is small, let's say, a Minun or Meowth, than their height must be raised to at least average of short human height. (4'6" or something like that.) The only thing human about these pokemon is how they stand, and their human emotions. (Possibly their fore paws can become hands if need, for example, a Bulbasaur would need its forepaws changed since they're merely circular stubs.) I'm sorry for people who are confused about that.

- There are NO HUMANS in this story. NO HUMANS.

- Originally infected Pokemon couldn't speak nor act normally, but I'm just gonna say fuck it and you can do what you like as author. Go crazy with what the infection of a ravenous, arousing apocalypse is to you.

- Not all Pokemon have to be an anthro since there are strange exceptions for you to use normal pokemon if they have no bipedal form such as a Weepinbell, or Horsea. There are plenty of these types of Pokemon, but please, focus on bipedal stable Pokemon. If you want, all the pokemon in your story can be normal. Just be sure you note that when starting your story. Thanks. You rock.

- This story is to be told in 2nd person or 3rd person, (2nd POV Example: You dig into your bag to find a berry that you can feed yourself with.) (3rd POV Example: Mary digs into her bag to find a berry that she can feed herself with.)

- This is a vore interactive, which means, all types of vore are allowed, EXCEPT FOR HARD VORE. That kind of vore is more disturbing to others than appealing. Oh, by the way, for authors who write unbirthing options. Unbirthing in this story means once the victim is slid up into the predator's vagina, they slowly dissolve away inside the womb into cum, basically like cock vore. The whole 'reborn as a child' thing is just dumb and wouldn't fit in this story. Then again, being devoured by a vagina is also a little stupid, but still! No rebirth, just cum-digestion. Cool beans.

- The kind of world in Viral is is set in kind of like a feudal-esque time, where houses were just tents/cabins/small buildings of stone or clay and electronics didn't exist. No cars, skyscrapers, advanced technology, etc.

- Sex is allowed, M/M, M/F, F/F, take your pick.

- All generations of Pokemon are allowed. Go nuts.

- NO GROWING, TRANSFORMING, OR SHRINKING. Please don't use this fetish for this story. Most of the other interactives on this site have it, so please, add there and all. Not here.

- I will allow large-ish pokemon, but not like, "The Pikachu was 500 ft. tall!" And crap like that. If the pokemon is already a large pokemon, like a Snorlax, Lugia, etc., then they can be twice to triple the size of your character, but no giants! Like the first rule states, you can't have super small pokemon either. This ain't that kind of freak-show interactive. It's a different kind.

- Please have a good grasp on the English language and use correct grammar. Spelling, punctuation, capitalization, sentence structure, etc.

- No few sentence chapters, (Example: Then the Golduck ate you and you were delicious. THE END. *claps frantically to self for a job well done.*)

- Infected anthro Pokemon cannot talk. They can growl, moan, etc. but they are incapable of speech.

- Digestion persists in this world so endosoma isn't really the gimmick here.

- Your character can also eat others. Having your character as both predator and prey is highly encouraged to give some variety, but I certainly won't force you to do so.

- Specific kinks that aren't banned such as pawplay, watersports, bondage, etc. are allowed and welcomed too.

- Death is allowed, and injuries are okay for your character, but try not to write an entire page about the pain and agony of characters' bones breaking or something along those gory lines. Just keep it vague or keep it quick. I'd rather not make this into a full snuff story.

- Scat is allowed. So yeah. Just try to keep your story focused on vore though.

- If you notice that there are empty chapter options that the author of the storyline had left for whatever reason and you have the urge to add to it, then you MUST ask the author of that storyline for permission to write it. Only their approval can allow you to write the chapter, otherwise, it will be deleted.

- The first chapter will explain how the infected work. Take whatever liberties as you may with such.

- Enjoy reading the story! Please do!


- December 23rd, 2019: Viral has reached over 1,000,000 chapter views! Props to all who have read, added, rated, reviewed, and pleasured themselves to this story. Seriously, holy crap. To think I spontaneously made this interactive years ago without ever thinking I'd get far into it. While I wish I worked at a faster rate, I'm still happy with how large of an interactive Viral has become, and that goes for all of the other storylines fellow authors have written. For real, thank you guys.

"Even the lamest page can be saved by collaboration"
- Philip Greenspun
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