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by Venom
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One of the lovely ladies of the series RWBY fall for you.

One of the lovely ladies of the series RWBY fall for you.

This is an interactive story containing 79 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
EDIT: Okay, I might use Sasuke as a base here, but I wont be giving him my usual chaos powers here, aside form the sharingan I will nerf him immensely, not turning him into something ourside a usual member of this world.

Okay guys I am trying my hand at this, and let me stress this now, I want you all to try to have fun too, create a character, choose your woman, and try to make a good story. Here are the additional rules. And to all hardcore fans of this franchise, I am doing this for fun, I like the show too, so please don't get all uppity here please.

-The girls are AT LEAST 18 years old in this story ok? as such, sex, foot fetish, and others are allowed, but NO incest, butt stuff, feces, any of that nasty stuff, keep it mild if u do a scene where they make love or something ok?

-after thinking this through, I am goingt o allow Shrinking, but some conditions here. 1: the smallest you can get is to the size of the foot of one of the ladies. 2: No vore. I will allow a kiss, some playful licking, etc. but no being eaten, killed, etc. and I encourage using this to comedy, or having a time where you are in the protection of the chosen woman.

- Since they have a game in this world that has similar elements of Duel Monsters (Yu-Gi-Oh!) to them, I will add that game to the world as well. you don't HAVE to use it, just a little something extra if you want

-Try to create a weapon that is also a gun, like 2 sword combining or something, Bows/Arrows are also acceptable.

-IF you do a team, try to make the first letter of your characters name fit in with the rule that teams sound like a color. But you don't have to do teams, in fact you can make your characters strong enough to be a one man team, but they still need help from the love interest and/or the love interests team. One last thing, if you want to have your person join a certain pre-established team, you don't have to add your letter to it. you can if you want, like say team RWBYS but whatever. just want to make it easier for you

-ABSOLUTELY no one line chapters. I cannot stress this enough. and if you add, please try to add to the story.

-Have some fun with it.
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