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There is a school where students transform, melt, merge, shrink, and detach their bodies.

There is a school where students transform, melt, merge, shrink, and detach their bodies.

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Welcome to Morpher Academy, a private school for the young and created!

Established in 1484, this school does something a little different. For you see, instead of teaching students math, English, history, science, social studies, and the like, this school teaches students in morphing their bodies into anyone and anything. There are separate classes that has different types of transformations including…

Morphing into Animals
Morphing into Inanimate Objects
Morphing into Other People
Body Modifications (Expansions, Alteration, and Size)
Detaching (or Separating)

For a freshman, all these transformation will start basic. But once they advance each year, they will learn the combination of two or more types of changes. They could even merge with more then one person in class when they advance in the semester. All students will be separated in their dorms based on gender. They can only be together in classes, cafeteria, and daily clubs and activities. The students need to follow a few rules of the campus.

Rule 1: No sex is allowed in the campus.
Rule 2: No nudity in public. You can use your clothes to morph, melt, and merge with you.
Rule 3: Never use any technique that you will be stuck on and never return to your self. This will be problematic if you merge with another person and cannot unmerge. If you cannot change back, head to the principles office and she will repair the damage.
Rule 4: Never merge with the other person with the opposite sex. The end result will be a combination of the she male and that would be disturbing. Try merging with the same sex. Just don’t think of it as anything gay or lesbian like, it’s just how it works.
Rule 5: Never ever morph, melt, modify, merge, or detach your body outside the school. The world doesn’t know of the school or what it does. If any of the students change in a public area, there would be a panic. Any student doing that in front of public will be expelled from the academy and will be stuck in the change forever.

When students go through with seven years in schoolwork, they will be graduated as a professional shifter. From there, they would change in their own home and come out of public in that form. Just remember to not change in public.

And there you have it. The introduction to the school. You will get your books and class schedule once you enter the school. Thank you for reading our introductory paper. Have a nice day.
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