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Come here to write about everything that includes Diapers!

Come here to write about everything that includes Diapers!

This is an interactive story containing 1,020 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Come here to plan out stories. You are aloud to post any diaper stories you want but follow these rules:

--Entries must be AL LEAST a paragraph long in length
--No swearing
--No insulting any religion
--No killing characters (only I can do that)
--No replacing characters (you can add new ones though)
--Keep in the age limit
--No drug use or reference

Fan fictions are not only allowed, they are encouraged, just as long as they stay in the limit (If you want to see a fan fiction of a program you like, but for some reason can not add, email me and I'll probably do it)

Also although physical age regression is allowed mental is preferred.

Also, although this may seem self explanatory, just to make it clear, don't go into to much detail with the info on each story, so that others can add things they want.

Also the info on the story has to be followed to the line, you can add new things in but whats written there must appear in the story somewhere (which is why I don't what you to go into to much detail about the story in the info)

Also it is a rule that all options blocks have to be used, unless in a situation that I deam okay, (if you can't think of another idea to put in the block just put 'Other' and the next person to post will just add what he/she wants), also as a linking rule for the first few pages that have five options can not be used, as such each story that leads to a page with five options will have the choice for the story you selected or another one of the four new ones. (See inside)

Also, just to clear things up, their are three classes of regression:

Physical means that the character or characters regress physically, there bodies become younger.
Mental means that the character or characters regress mentally, there minds become younger.
Forced means the the character or characters don't regress in any way, they are forced by someone or some people to act and/or dress like they are younger.

With that being said, go on! Have a good time!

100 Additions Thank you to all that have participated and keep it going strong!
150 Additions! Keep it going everyone!
200 Additions! Thanks everyone! :)
250 Additions! Keep going everyone! Your doing awesome! :D
300 Additions! Wow! We have come a long way! :)
350 Additions! This thing is becoming huge!!!
400 Additions! WOW! O:
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