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You're now a new rookie spy after a botched experiment turning you very stretchy and Tiny.

You're now a new rookie spy after a botched experiment turning you very stretchy and Tiny.

This is an interactive story containing 18 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Welcome recruit!

Jaxson (redacted)
Your name is Jaxson or just "Jax" for short, a 21-year-old youngster who recent was thrown in the army by his parent's to teach you some behavioral manners, due to your daring and cocky lifestyle. After volunteering for a top-secret government experiment, you suddenly woke up discovering yourself shrunken to a mere 6 inches tall. However, on the plus side, you obtained the mean's to be unable to die as your body has become extremely elastic allowing you to flatten out, stretch, and mold-able. You know maybe signing up wasn't such a great thing? As of now, your part of a global covert spy team that consists of all female divisions and teams. They were kind enough to equip you with the latest although pretty glitchy tech created by Akria, with it you shrink a smaller down to 1 inch, change the coloring to blend in with any environment, and be securely locked into any from accommodated. What could go wrong being the first male candidate accepted in history?

Team Leader: Luna (redacted)
The leader of your group Luna a youthful Caramel Brazilian looking 30-year-old woman, with Crimson neck length hair that conceals one half of her angelic face. She has an hourglass shape body, but one in a lethal kind. She dresses in an unbuttoned green shirt with two rolled-up sleeves and buttons on the shoulders and a bright tie. She wears a layered black bra and not much else below her DD cup breasts, except for a pair of high-waisted denim shorts with plenty of junk in the trunk in the back. That's hidden under a pair of black-lined green stockings held up by an orange and black garter belt, and wearing a pair of black boots with laces. Luna's a nice person but is incredibly critical when it comes to her job. She's charismatic and has trained in various forms of self-defense, she is best at infiltration, wanting to push everyone to their full potential on missions and trusts her second in command infallibly.

Second in command: Crissy (redacted)
Your comrade on many upmost missions! Crissy's a 21-year-old, immature long Raven haired caucasian goddess. She keeps her body in a lean figure and is considered a workout enthusiast. Crissy has a bountiful bust in C-cups, though can't drop the pounds where it matters on her round bubble butt and extra 1/4th inch at the hips. Crissy considers you inadequate on a mission, so she savors messing with you at any chance, even going so far to suggest 'interesting' and 'humiliating' ways for applying you on or during missions. Crissy is the Acrobatics of the team. Typically if they needed someone to squeeze into a small space, she would have been the one to do it, seldom getting stuck in vents due to her butt size. Her hatred could be seen as thinking you were sent to replace her and even still her crush Akria which is why she acts childish during times.

Gadgeteer and hardcore gamer: Akira 'A-Kira' (redacted)
The last and youngest member of your group is Akira, an 18-year-old, short teenage girl of Japanese descent. She has short wavy Brunette hair, a very flat and barren chest of A-cup breast, though makes up with a tight little booty to boot. Akria is the Tech head and hacking specialist, so she isn't in the field most of the time. All of the equipment utilized by the team is designed by her own hands the fact that she is quite proud of herself. She fears for your safety when doing your job and also during downtime. However, she never shows it greatly back at the base. As she eternally indolently to even shower regularly around you all, wearing the same attire day after day. She either lost contrasting during her gaming marathon or in her workshop tinkering and wants to run such experiments on you. Akira is a teenage genius! Viewing to do proper hygiene as a lifetime wasting method.

1)Jax cannot die, so don't do it.

2) Be sure to use proper grammar and spelling.

3) Make chapters more than one sentence.

4) Limit the choices. After things get to two paths, it's decision time.


6) If there's a sudden development that doesn't make any damn sense, or if a chapter is nothing but a sentence long, I will delete the section without hesitation. HOWEVER, if it's clear that some effort is put into it, I'll simply email you before going over and fixing grammatical or continuity errors.

7) Anything involving gas/toilet stuff can be used within this story.

8) No male interactions this is solely FEMALES!
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