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  1. Days of Future Passed
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by RatDog
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Your life in the past as an abused child. Can you survive?
Chapter 1

Days of Future Passed

    by: RatDog   More by this author
You awake feeling as if you are suffering from amnesia. You have vague notions of having some sort of a life: a small apartment, a nondescript second-hand car, a dull office job, but none of it seems very clear. You try to think hard, remember any details to bring it into focus, but you can’t. You don’t know the street your apartment is on, the kind of car you drive, or even what your occupation is.

You suddenly catch sight of yourself in a full-length mirror on a doorway , and what you see makes you jump: You are a child again! You appear to be about twelve or thirteen years old, and you are back in the house where you lived when you were growing up.

“How could I be here? And how come I’m a kid again? What the hell is going on? I’m a grown man... or am I?” You begin to have your doubts...

“Maybe this is reality, I’m still a kid. Maybe I got hit in the head one time too many and all that other stuff is a dream of the future?”

You have little time to ponder the situation: There is a loud crash from the kitchen. Dad is in a drunken rage and you can hear your mother crying. Another typical Saturday night at home... If things play out the way they normally did, Dad will be coming up the stairs to slap you around next.

“Maybe I can go to Grandma’s, that used to work.” you think to yourself. You pick up
the phone and dial her number from memory, hoping she'll let you stay there for a while.
"Hello?" you hear her answer.

"Grandma! it’s me, can I ...” but you never get to finish.

You feel a stab of pain at the side of you head as the phone is slapped from your hand and sent flying across the floor.

"You little punk, gonna go running to your Gramma again? I'll kick your ass!" your father rages, as he shoves you backwards. You stumble over a chair and land on the floor.

"Get up on your feet and fight like a man, you sissy!" He screams at you. You notice the
bloodstained piece of pvc pipe in the corner, easily within reach. He has used this pipe many times before, to beat you and your younger sister for being "bad kids".

You notice he has also spotted the pipe, so you must move quickly.
Where will this interactive story go?

You now have only one choice:

1.   Pick up the pipe and face him.

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