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While your best friend is away at college, her mother drugs you and makes you her slave.

While your best friend is away at college, her mother drugs you and makes you her slave.

This is an interactive story containing 349 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
This is meant to be a relatively free and open story; a wide array of fetishes are allowed and encouraged, including facesitting, foot, fart, burping, toilet, giantess, vore, crush, transformation, sweat, etc. I'm personally not a fan of male domination or guy-guy stuff, but as long as it's in its own section, I don't mind. New characters may be introduced, but try to focus on the original characters. Normal rules apply; please spell and grammar check and please only substantive posts (short posts are okay if they are just there to set up choices).

Nick can die, but please no dead-ends (i.e. always give some alternative so the story arc doesn't end). The only other note is that Nick is unwilling and should try to resist.

Main characters:

You - Nick, age 21. 5 foot 10, 140lbs.

Angela Nolan - age 45, 5 foot 7, 200 lbs. Auburn hair, pale complexion, somewhat pear-shaped. Divorced. Single.

Amy Nolan - age 21, 5 foot 1, 100 lbs, brunette, athletic.

You are Nick, age 21. You and your friend Amy have been close friends for years, though now that you're both in college, you only see each other while on break. One day, toward the end of break, you are helping her pack to leave for school when her mother, Angela, walks in.

"Oh, Nick, it's so sweet of you to help my daughter like that. You know, I'm still not used to the empty house now that she's gone."

To this, Amy rolled her eyes dismissively, but you figured her mother was just making small-talk. Suddenly, Angela takes a step closer to you and looks into your eyes.

"Nick, if you're ever in town, please come visit. I get so lonely." she says with a look that is downright predatory. Her mouth opens wide with a chesire-cat grin as she saunters out of the room. Having advanced in age and gained some weight, you didn't really think of her as attractive, but this put-on was disarmingly sensual.

You look at Amy uncomfortably, goosebumps on your arms. Amy looks confused, but shrugs her shoulders. As you continue chatting, you forget about the awkward encounter. You finish helping her pack, wish her a good semester, and head home to pack your own things. As you are heading out the door, Angela calls after you, "Remember what I said, Nick!". You wince as you hear it, but hurry to your car and drive home.

Several months later, you visit home for the weekend. While walking through town, you run into Angela again...
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