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  1. "Hi Nick!"
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by btal
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While your best friend is away at college, her mother drugs you and makes you her slave.
Chapter 1

"Hi Nick!"

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You don't even notice her until she waves. "Hi, Nick!"

"Oh...uhhh...hi, Ms. Nolan! How have you been?", you stammer.

"Call me Angela! Oh, I can't complain. How was your semester?", you notice that she ran right up to you and is now walking closely beside you. Remembering the encounter over break, you're very uncomfortable.

"Oh...uh, sorry...Angela. Not bad!", you recover.

"So, what brings you into town?"

"Well, I was going to surprise my parents with a visit, but they're not around so I went to get lunch."

"Oh, so they don't know you're here? Wonderful, you must have some time to kill then!"

Stuttering bashfully, you fail to formulate a response by the time she continues, "Come with me, I'll make you something nice. Remember how you promised to visit me the next time you were in town?"

You most certainly did not promise that, but you were even more frightened of offending her than anything, so you consent. "Uh, sure! That sounds great!"

Resigned, you let her take you back to her place. She leads you into the living room and seats you on the sofa. "I'll be right back!" she says merrily as she disappears into the kitchen. As she walks away, you notice her prodigious backside. She's wearing a loose, flowy shirt, sandals, and tight black pants that fit snugly around her ass, emphasizing its size. She returns with two glasses of wine. You start fidgeting in your seat, but politely accept.

"I was saving it for a special occasion, but this will have to do. Enjoy!", she grins at you as she places a hand on your knee and slides closer. Your heart racing, you down the wine glass in one gulp. Her smile widens, "you're breathing so heavily dear; you really oughta relax", she says as she slides until you're almost touching. She leans in ever closer, her smile widening. You panic, trying to back away, but your vision blurs and you pass out. She drugged you!

When you wake up...
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