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Trying to have a normal life is hard when you're gigantic...

Trying to have a normal life is hard when you're gigantic...

This is an interactive story containing 163 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Disclaimer here. This story is only mention to be for entertainment and to only be treated as such, so don’t take anything here too seriously. I have had people come and tell me that on this type of stuff, so I do encourage y’all not to be those types of people. Yes they are kids in this story, but don’t think that this is a pedophile story. I am only making this interactive for entertainment, nothing else.

You know, sometimes life is extremely tough for everyone, and sometimes life is like given to you on a silver plate. Well in this new giantess story, you get to see a new side of life that you have never seen the girls before. The girls by some means grew to gigantic monster like sizes and you would think they would become good or evil, but in actually, they are just trying to go through the same thing we do in life. Go to school or work, learn or work, go to bed, sleep, etc. Well imagine having to do all of that as a giantess with giant monster like powers and is known to the people as a giant monster, either accepted and loved by the public, or feared and trashed by everyone. The difference in this story is that they don't go suddenly on a huge rampage and kill everything and everyone, here they are trying to solve this life problem without violence. Hence the title of this new giantess kaiju interactive... "A Typical Life as a Kaiju Giantess".

Now of course it ain't all typical, sometimes they can be well known and liked as a celebrity. But the difference in this kaiju giantess story is that they are going through life issues, but on a whole another scale, one that is gigantic sized. And also they have other issues like how to get around the city without destroying stuff, clothing they were, where they live, and etc. I kinda want to go for that type of feel in this new story. Slice of Life Drama Sci-Fi Fantasy kaiju adventure. Who knows, maybe some romance even.

Also, all of the giant girls in this story will have a kaiju name, and if you want to be simple, just add a Zilla at the end of the name. The government will register that being as a kaiju.

Alright, time to get to the rules.

No Male Giants

No Vore since this is not an evil story as I am focusing on life issues on this one, and other stuff, don't want this turning into an eating story

No sexual content for the younger than 13 crowd, please, I will get in real trouble for this

No unbirth

No switching genders

No nudity

Please make your additions at least a paragraph long, as I will delete those who break this rule
No scat

You can make more than one giantess in a route

Leave more than one option for the other guys so they can make their characters when you use the open slots (which will be made soon)

The format must be completed in its entirely for the character to be made, now if you have a photo of the girl you want to use, you can ignore the hair style, skin, eye color, and clothes part, just put a link of the photo at the end, and make sure it's workable

Scale-wise, 12 inches is a foot. Perhaps for Kaiju size, time it by 40 or 50.

Have fun

And the format to make your character

Kaiju Name:
Hair style and color:
Eye color:
Powers: (This is a kaiju story so they will have some)
Where they live: (Can be a fictional city)
Bio: (Explain how they grew, and their whole background story)
Additional Info: (This is optional, but any other details we should know)

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