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Your family has the power to shrink you, and will do so to fulfill their sadistic desires.

Your family has the power to shrink you, and will do so to fulfill their sadistic desires.

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Your family can shrink you. It is a simple, but devistating fact. Whether for punishment, or for sadistic pleasure, your mother and sisters can cause you to dwindle to approximately an inch, and are quite keen on tortuing you at this size.


Olivia (14) Your younger sister, called Liv by most. She has long brown hair, usually in a braid, and blue eyes. She is a bit of a mess at the moment, strugling through puberty and about to start her first year of high school. She can be moody, and the stresses of her young life often get to her. This frustration is, unfortunately, channeled towards you, as you are one of the few things she has power over at her age.

Rachel (18) Your twin, a few seconds younger, although she continually calls you 'little brother'. She is athletic, charismatic and strong-headed, with short, dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. She loves teasing you and getting under your skin, which often leads to an outburst from you, and then sanctioned punishment from your mother. In the spirit of sibling rivaly, she will also often challenge you to bets or games, though when she wins it always means torture for you.

Chelsea (21) Your oldest sister. She dyes her hair red, though it is naturally brown. She has freckles, hazel eyes, and a devious smile. She is a Religious Studies major at a local university, a subject with which she is deeply, perhaps even eccentrically, familiar. She often breaks into a lecture or monologue without thinking about it, and often uses her knowledge as a rationalization for the incredibly cruel acts she commits towards you.

Martha (40) Your mother. Tall and thin, with long, straight blonde hair and hazel eyes. A stern and strict housekeeper, she relishes in punishment. While some of this discipline falls on your sisters, it is mostly directed at you. Just as well, she enjoys incorporating your sisters into your punishments, which none of them object to. Manipulative and patently unfair at times, you can't help but wonder what caused her to become the cruel woman she is. It hardly matters, of course, as she is the matriarch, and as far as the household goes, her word is law.

Your father has been absent for what part of your life has memory. You often imagine your condition was shared through your shared genetic lineage. You hoped, perhaps before your birth, maybe even before he was aware of it, your father escaped from this tortuous family. But will you ever escape?

Not if you're still everyone's favorite plaything.

Good luck.


No male interaction, please. Forget that. Make sure male character additions have a choice preempting them, though.
Try to write well, and don't break the second-person perspective.
Feel free to add any sort of interaction so long as it makes sense.
No choice chains.
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