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by Tim
Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Supernatural · #1849108
Brother and sister each got three wishes. How will they choose?

Brother and sister each got three wishes. How will they choose?

This is an interactive story containing 152 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Brother and sister were granted three wishes each. How would you decide?

18 year-old Bill and his 16 year-old nasty sister Jenny
each get three wishes from an evil spirit.

Now, which role do you want to play?
And how will you choose your wishes?


Don't hesitate to write your own chapters!
Just be creative, be thrilling, be nasty or friendly... and most of all: Have fun!
But please use proper grammar and spelling and no one-sentence-chapters!

*Dollar* Good chapters and reviews will get GPs! *Dollar*
And please don't forget to rate!


Appreciated/Expected Topics: Giantess/Goddess, Growth/Shrinking,
Breast Expansion, Transformation (Animal, Inanimate, Body parts etc.),
Swapping, Transgender, Possession, Gore, Vore, Lesbians, Incest

Forbidden: toilet stuff and paedophilia. - And though I respect the rights
of gay men, please do not include descriptions of their sexual intercourse
into this story, either.

If you don't like the appreciated/expected topics stated above, don't read this!
And please note: This story is intended for 18+.


The cast of characters
which were establish by the story so far:

Good-tempered brother Bill got 3 wishes.
Bill (William) Mansfield *Male*
the 18-year-old brother, a good-tempered boy and a righteous hero,
who wants to save the world... (at least in his computer-games)

nasty sister Jenny got 3 wishes
Jenny (Jennifer) Mansfield *Female*
the 16-year-old sister, a nasty snake, who loves to antagonize her brother
and who definitely wants to become the new empress of the world

The Gnome *Male*
the old, weazen man of unknown origin, who gave those three wishes
to brother and sister, maybe some kind of grandfather... or maybe not

The parents *Male**Female*
currently away on a business trip

Laura Blue *Female*
the undoubted "booby-queen" at the siblings' school, maybe a bonehead,
but very popular among the boys because of her huge rack

Robin *Female*
Jenny's best friend, originally quite flatchested, but of a very flirtatious,
ditzy personality, works at the "Café Passé"

Tommy *Male*
Bill's best friend, lives in the neighbourhood of the siblings

Jack Cassius *Male*
a grumpy neighbor of the Mansfields

Slydra *Male*
the commanding head of Bill's gaming-guild "Bloodmoon"

Feel free to add more characters!
But please don't overpopulate this story!


A few requests considering the formatting of this interactive story:

• Please use double quotes ("...") to mark direct speech.
• Please use italics for meta-speech (e.g. if directly ad-
dressing the reader or giving a special choice to him).
• And please underline the actual formulation of a wish.

Don't worry about inserting the protagonist's portrait and his/her wish-stars
into your chapters... I will gladly take care of this. You may, however, prepare this
by setting a short tag (like: <Jenny**> or <Bill*?> at the beginning of your chapter.)


I reserve the right to edit or delete chapters, which don't fit my expectations.
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