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You've wronged them, so time for divine punishment

You've wronged them, so time for divine punishment

This is an interactive story containing 99 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
You live in modern times, where mythological beliefs are no longer in existence. Your life seems average, until a rebellious talking swan offers you immortality and the power to change your age. When the Mythological Greek Gods find out, they decide not to give you a painful curse, but decide to punish you with a very smelly one

Rules include:
*No Goddesses
*Victims can be male or female, and can be gay or straight
*All fetishes are allowed, except for dick vore and digestion-vore. Also, no puke or excessive spitting, and go easy if you plan to add scat. (I honestly don't like it, so if you add it, please don't go overboard, and no diarrhea, seriously)
*No death, injury, or ending. I want the story to continue (You're immortal for a reason)
*No slim, lean or weak gods. They must all be HUGE and BUFF
*Gods can grow or shrink, but must always be at least two feet taller than you
*You are younger than the god torturing you.
*Feel free to add characters.
*If you like and rate it, tell me who your favorite god is in the review!
*EDIT: Okay, I don't know what the right name for this is, but don't add a chapter that pretty much states everything you wish would happen all at once in one big rush
Example: "You see, you're going to be my slave. Some days I'll torture you and other days I'll let you decide and you can pick things like force you to clean me and keep smelling me and you'll sniff me and occasionally do sexual favors for me so what do you say?
Oh my god. Ever heard of anticipation? Or more importantly, ever heard of a comma?

Also, because the character can change his age at any point in the story, I've decided to bold the points in which he changes his age. You'll notice when he first time he changes his age, it's written in bold. I don't know, I just felt like it because I felt it would keep in our memory the age he is at certain points.

GPs for good additions

The story starts off kinda slow, so here's a link to the good gay storyline.
Here's a link to the female storyline

Characters Include:

You: you are just another Boy/Girl when suddenly, an odd, talking Swan gives you the gift of immortality and the power to change your age.

Age: 11+ It doesn't matter in my opinion, you'll be able to change your age, but your base age must at least be able to feel sexual attraction, unless you are in the strait storyline.

As a gay male, you can choose whether you like any of the torture or not. Same with bi and if female. If you're strait, then I guess you don't like it.

Leda the Swan (don't worry, she'll disapear quickly)

The female swan that gives you your powers.


She doesn't really matter, and besides you (if you're a girl) she is the only female that appears, she does not appear thereafter. She has an annoying voice and her feathers twitch when she lies.

I based her off of the Greek woman who had sex with Zeus in the form of a swan

Now for the Gods

Position: God of Lightening. King of Gods
Age: 56
Skin tone: Caucasian, regular tone
Eye color: Black
Hair: Black with a touch of grey. Mustache and small beard. Furry chest, legs, and ass
Body: Large, tall, great ass, very muscular, proud of his very well sculpted, muscular physique (enjoys flexing).
Personality: Rude, egomaniacal, sexist, macho, narcissistic, misogynistic, smug.
Fetishes: He loves muscle worship, farting on those smaller than him, and making them literally kiss his ass. Shows sexual pleasures in dominance and misogyny. Loves when you scratch him in certain places.

Position: God of the Ocean
Age: 52
Skin tone: Caucasian, slightly more pale than Zeus
Eye color: blue
Hair: brown. Has a bushy mustache and a 5 o clock shadow
Body: muscle bound, great abs, big butt, hairy chest, legs, and butt
Personality: Laid-back, cocky, narcissistic, mean, and sometimes even cruel
Fetishes: Muscle Worship (especially pecs and ass), urination, showing off his great body, mooning his victims, intimidation, and of course, making people stink with his mighty flatulence.

Position: God of music, poetry, and sunlight
Age: 21
Skin tone: Caucasian, slightly tanned
Eye color: Green
Hair: Blonde. His body is furless, except his nice sack
Body: Very well sculpted, has wonderful pecs, eight-pack abs, huge back, very muscular butt
Personality: calm and conceited.
Fetishes: Humiliating and crushing you with his mighty gloots and occasionally feet. Loves to humiliate you and make you stink for ages under his great rump. Loves to display his manly flatulence.

Position: God of alcohol and sexual pleasure.
Age: 44
Skin tone: Caucasian, pale skin
Eye color: Golden
Hair: White. Has a mustache and a small beard. Hairy chest
Body: Great and large musculature. Huge pecs, eight pack abs, huge back, great legs, and a very muscular bubble butt
Personality: Sexual, likes to have his victims feel pleasure as well, but will torture you if you dont like it. Can be self-centered at times.
Fetishes: body worship, fart torture, dick rubbing and rim jobs. He also loves stepping on his victims.

Position: God of death and king of the underworld
Age: 54
Skin tone: Caucasian, slightly pale
Eye color: Black
Hair: Black. Not hairy
Body: Tall, muscular, has a medium sized gut. Big, huge, nice rear. Wonderful Pecs
Personality: Macho, arrogant, cruel, and ruthless. Will laugh at your begging.
Fetishes: Squeezing and crushing. Loves to give bear hugs. Loves to make you smell his crotch. He loves to get giant and squeeze you with his huge pecs. He also loves sitting on you, and while hes at it, loves to throw in some good, loud, rotten farts.

Position: God of the messengers and thieves
Age: 20
Skin tone: Caucasian, tanned
Eye color: Black
Hair: Black, kind of furry
Body: Huge and very muscular. Has large arms and Four pack abs.
Personality: Manipulative and conceited. Thinks more of himself than others. Loves to play smelly pranks on you, but will sadistically torture you if you dont think they are funny.
Fetishes: torturing people with his godly body. Enjoys tricking his victims into kissing his lips or his great ass, with or without underwear. Also loves tricking his victims into smelling his foul gas and sweaty armpits. He will sit and fart on anything, human or animal.

Position: God of masculinity (born demigod)
Age: 40
Skin tone: Caucasian, slightly tan (has tan lines around his butt)
Eye color: Black
Hair: Brown. furry pecs, slightly hairy butt
Body: Extremely large and muscular, Very proud of his well sculpted musculature. Has a beautiful, round, and VERY muscular butt. Unhygienic and LOVES it.
Personality: A sadistic, arrogant, perverted, and very proud bully. Applying any type of humiliation, pain, or sexual pleasure makes him stronger and more pleasured.
Fetishes: Bullying, farting on weaklings, sitting on you (whether barely or with full force), mooning, tea bagging, making you into his slave, ass worship, urination, slowly flexing in your face (if sitting on you, he would be flexing his ass). He loves The smell of his manly farts (he likes to admire his work).

Position: God of war, violence, and pride fullness.
Age: 29
Skin tone: Caucasian, darkened tan
Eye Color: Black
Hair: Black. Hairy on his chest and legs.
Body: Very Large and muscular. Has a round, nice rear. Has a big gut.
Personality: Proud, cocky, smug, and stubborn. Like Heracles, he is unhygienic. Hell suffocate you with his great ass and ripe farts until you pass out.
Fetishes: Sitting on you, farting on you, peeing on you, muscle worship, and dominance. If he is irritated, he will keep you between his cheeks for hours.

Position: Keeper of time
Age: 32
Skin tone: Pale
Eye Color: Black
Hair: Completely bald (except his crotch, which has black hair)
Body: Muscular and tall. Has a great ass. Six-pack abs
Personality: Flirtatious and arrogant. Loves his body and enjoys flexing. Whenever he has clothes on, he will purposely give himself a wedgie so others can admire his nice rump.
Fetishes: Muscle/ass/crotch worship. Torturing his victims by sitting on you, flexing his ass on you, and farting in your face and on your private area.

Position: Technically not a god, but he is giant and immortal. Holder of Uranus.
Age: 31
Skin tone: Caucasian, slightly tan
Eye color: Blue
Hair: Brown, furry legs and arms
Body: Muscular and Very Large. All around RIPPED
Personality: Having been cursed to hold up the planet Uranus for most of his life, he actually loves it, mainly for what it has done to his body, making it larger and well sculpted. Unfortunately he cannot torture you too long as he must go back to holding up Uranus, but he will have plenty of fun playing with you.
Fetishes: Having weaker human mortals worship his body. Likes squishing you under his enormous ass and feet. Likes making you smell his armpits.

Position: An enormous anthro bear
Skin tone:?
Eye color: Black
Hair: Dark brown, and obviously, there is hair all over him
Body: Very muscular and impressive.
Personality: Selfish, sexual, and a little sadistic
Fetishes: Loves all kinds of worship, and loves giving bear hugs. He is not above rewarding/punishing you with a nice new scent of ass or pee.

So, have fun...
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