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by alexg
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your younger sister shrinks you, I hope you're ready to be her plaything!

your younger sister shrinks you, I hope you're ready to be her plaything!

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Your little sister discovers that she somehow has the power to shrink you... and she could really use a tiny little brother to play with! How will she shrink you? How small will she make you? How do you feel about being a plaything for your little sister? You decide!


Main character: Alex, age 18. Alex is a senior in high school. He plays several sports including baseball, tennis and soccer, but mostly spends a lot of time at home hanging out with his little sister. Alex does well in school and loves his family, especially his sister. He and Melody get along exceptionally well, Alex would do anything to make his sister happy. Alex is 6', dark brown hair and very handsome, he spends time at the gym to ensure he has a nice body.

Sister: Melody, age 13. Melody is Alex's little sister and her favorite thing in the world is her big brother. She is your typical young teen girl, she loves the color pink and stuffed animals and so on, but she spends most of her time having fun with her big brother. She always wants Alex to play with her and always wishes Alex was free to play with her forever. Melody is extremely cute for her age with light brown hair, and always dresses in clothes that show off her irresistible cuteness.

Mom: Sarah, age 40. Sarah is Alex's mother, Alex and Melody mean everything to her. She had Alex at an early age and the man she was going to marry left her, so she gets very lonely but loves her kids very much. She is a stay at home mother, but miraculously won the lottery a few years ago, so your family has no financial troubles. Sarah is beautiful and looks very young for her age, tall with light brown hair and a curvy body. She loves her kids and is nervous about you leaving her to go off to college soon.

Sister's Friend: Hayley, age 14. Hayley is Melody's best friend and is very cute and sweet, like Melody. Alex has always suspected that she has a crush on him. Hayley is also cute for her age, with dark brown hair and a surprisingly mature body.

The decisions are up to you, but for the most part keep the story gentle and aware, with an emphasis on Alex shrunken interacting with the giant women around him. Only shrinking, no growth. Make sure to use good grammar and keep the chapters at a respectable length, no one liner chapters or random stuff. Enjoy and add to the story, with your help I can make this one of the best interactives on writing.com!
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