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Years after the first Candies, they emerge once again in Nate Wilson's family.

Years after the first Candies, they emerge once again in Nate Wilson's family.

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Here is the long-awaited sequel to Candies of Change.

It's been 23 years since the events of the first story. Before, Nate and his friends and family discovered the wishing candies and went through many odd experiences at the expense of the powerful magic. Eventually, the candies ran out, and most of their effects wore off, leaving everyone where they were before it started.

Nate and his family and friends have grown up since the time when he recieved a jar of candies for his 15th birthday. Now, since when they used up the candies, no one but him and some others remember that events happened with the candies. They had figured that the event was fully behind them, until they reappear in Nate's family once again in the hands of his oldest son, Tom.

As many of you might be aware, the first Candies of Change focused heavily on TG-based wishes. Well, this time, I hope and encourage you to expand on this and use different wishes. Let's expand on the possibilities of what can happen to the character beyond what the first Candies did.

Here are the rules:

1. Keep it PG-13!
2. You can have sex, but not descriptive and try not to have too much.
3. Keep language PG-13 and also keep it tame (like not cursing every sentence). For this story only, I am going to allow it to be 18+ rated. However, that does not permit you to go crazy and create disturbing scenes. Keep it as tame as possible.
4. Keep the story going and no killing the characters.
5. Try to make it a good length if possible.

Here are the charcters:

1. Tom Wilson: Nate's 14-year old son. Very much like his father, doesn't talk alot, but very nice overall. Looks similar to Nate with his short brown hair but he has his mother's green eyes.
2. Sara Wilson: 13 years old and Tom's younger sister. A bit girly but a sports fanatic. Plays volleyball for her school. Keeps her dark hair really short and has her father's blue eyes.
3. James Wilson: 9 years old and the youngest sibling. A bit hyper and not into girls yet, like any boy his age.
4. Adam Hartford: 15 years old and Tom's best friend. Tries to be the "jock" type but can't deny that he's a good person.
5. Brittany Hartford: 16 years old and Adam's older sister. Long dark brown hair with green eyes. A cheerleader and can be super preppy as well as a super downer. Has a very sweet smile.
5. Jenna Wilson: Nicole's 2-year old daughter. Inherited her mother's bright blue eyes and brown hair. Recently learned how to talk and nevers stops showing it. Has a smile that can disarm anyone. Loves to spend time with Tom.
6. Ashley Ryan: 13-years old and Brandon's daughter. A bit tomboyish and has known Tom since they were 3 years old. She's in love with Tom but is too shy to say it, despite Tom sharing her feelings. A huge sports fan who is also into video games (but not obsessive). She has brown hair that goes a bit past her shoulders and A-cup breasts, as she's just beginning puberty. She's the captain of her school's gymnastics team and wants to be in the Olympics one day.
7. Cassie Duddly: A 15-year old girl who was born one day after Adam. An incredibly nice girl who loves music. She can sing very well and plays the guitar and violin. She and Adam met in 4th grade and have been friend ever since. Adam sports a huge crush on her. Quite beautiful for her age, like a cheerleader. Mid-height with brunette hair with brown eyes. Wants to be a singer in the future.

Returning characters from the first Candies of Change:

1. Nate Wilson: 38 years old and Kate's husband. Happily married after the events of the first Candies and has become the CEO of a large company. Still quite fit for his age.
2. Kate Wilson: 38 years old. Formerly Kate Smith and now Nate's wife. Now a well-known travel agent. Quite protective of her kids. She has retained some of her tomboyish side from her teenage years, much to Nate's delight and amusement. Looks pretty good for her age, although having a few kids had led her to gain a tiny bit of weight. Still has dark hair and an average height.
3. Nicole Wilson: 28 years old. Nate's younger sister. Manager of a store in the city and recently divorced from her husband, due to his drinking and smoking habits. Still childish at times but has become a very lovely lady. Currently takes care of her 2-year old daughter, born after the divorce.
4. Erin Lowell: 36 years old. Has become a software engineer.
5. Trevor Wilson: 30 years old. Has become a high school math teacher, which is ironic given that he used to hate it. Quite mature since his childhood days but still likes to hang loose when he's got the chance.
6. Brandon Ryan: 36 years old. Has maintained a close friendship with Nate and has married. Works as an executive at a law firm. His wife is Stacy, who is very sweet if not a little naggy at times.
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