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Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Action/Adventure · #1870686
The sequel to Deviant's Art Group Morpher Academy.

The sequel to Deviant's Art Group Morpher Academy.

This is an interactive story containing 4 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
The Morpher Academy had existed in peace for quite some time... BUT 300+ years ago, something came to this world. A dark intent and sinister group. They believed that the destructive capabilities of Morphers could be capitalized on and made into weapons. Their research was slow at first, but as the years went by they began to learn more and more. BUT they didn't have a lot of test subjects. None of their systems could identify a morpher, outside of raw physical imaged data. It seemed blank morphers could sense their dark intentions, and stayed hidden from them. They weren't able to search very effectively either, unlike the various other planets they came to, this world had already had plenty of outer influence and development.

Present day came to be, and this group had discovered a wellspring of test subjects by pure chance... A MORPHER ACADEMY. After 300+ years of slow progress, they finally had a chance to obtain plenty of test subjects. They didn't attack right away though... They sent in a sleeper agent (Randruck) to observe the academy and help them plan their attack. The morphers had their own agent on the inside though (Aldos Locksire) and thanks to his efforts, the organization's plans were revealed. When the organization finally initiated their attack, the Academy was ready. The Academy was able to hold off their attack, but something had to be done to prevent further attacks and keep the students and other morphers in the world safe. THUS they devised plan "Divide and Survive."

Instead of staying put in their large academies, several dorms were built all over the world, in some of the biggest cities. In the cities, the organization had less opportunity to attack, compared to just attacking the giant stand alone academy. But what was to keep them from just going around one by one and taking out these dorms? The teachers. Being some of the strongest morphers out there, they would have to attack the organization's facilities all over the world. This would effectively suspend the organization's movement, being unable to send their troops out, for fear of being defenseless from morpher attack. With no allies in this entire world, and their home company having effectively cut off all support, all they could do was hold up and work on a counter strategy. But with very few resources at their disposal, and the teachers keeping up their offense, it'll take a long time before they can ever be a threat.

SO what are the students going to do at these Dorms? Truth be told... WHATEVER THEY WANT. Their studies at the academy were meant to help them control their powers, and allow them to live normal lives in society... SO they didn't exactly have a graduation... But it's fly or fall time right now. Those not fully prepared, or those who simply wish to, can stay in these Morpher Manors and continue to develop their powers together, there are no classes or grades. The Manor is simply where they can live, but they're free to explore the city it's located in, go to normal school, get a job, or just live life. Things have just gotten a lot more open ended, and now there's nothing to worry about.... OR IS THERE?
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