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by Naraku
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You get sucked into another world of giant furrys and wind up a pet for a furry child.

You get sucked into another world of giant furrys and wind up a pet for a furry child.

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When your walking home one day without warning a hole in time and space opens up under you and you fall into a world of anthros were humans are considered inferior and kept as pets, slaves, and in some parts of this world, food. Your caught and sold to a panther to be a pet and caretaker for her baby Rose. Despite being a baby around one years old she can talk just fine. Being so young she hasn't had the idea that humans are lower beings crammed into her head yet but will that last? Her parents will for the most part ignore you except when Rose draws attention to you or when they feed you awful dry pet food and water. Luckily Rose will occasionally sneak real food from the fridge for you. Things that are expected of you is to not only be her playmate but to look after her by bringing her her bottle from a mini fridge in the room when shes hungry and changing her when she uses her diaper and taking care of her when shes sick. You actual have fun with her playing games and going on little adventures. She can be a little ruff with you at time because shes to young to know her strength, or yours for that mater for if she can't reach something she gets you to give her a boost despite being little over twice your height. You just can't bring yourself to say no to her. Being a cat she is exceptionally good at climbing things like bookcases and such. She is influenced by her friends she will pick up a few things from them.

This work is inspired by the work of Gloverboy23 from DA only a changed the story consent around to make it more interesting. Hear are some pictures of rose and you (Ken) To show you what she and you look like and give you a good example of the size difference.







Tho your her best friend she has others that come over sometimes to play
One is a 1 and a half year old saber tooth tiger named sharptooth or sharp for short. Shes the adventures type and when over often gets her friends to go exploring with her. She doesn't know quite what to think of you but finds you useful at reaching things in places even they are to small to reach. She sees you as a well trained pet.

The other is Jeera the 2 year old hyena. She is extremely playful and never thinks things threw. She sees you as Rose's neat toy and will often try to play with you. Rose will protect you from her if she gets to ruff. She likes butt jokes and will store you in her diaper if she needs her hands and doesn't want to put you down. She will also use you as a seat cushion.

Sierra is Rose's 2 year old cousin and often comes over on play dates. She sees you as a toy but will treat you like your the baby. Shes a girly girl.


#1 keep it clean.
#2 keep to the characters personalty.
#3 Please put some effort in your adds no one liners.
#4 the characters can get hurt but not killed.
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