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  1. Your new home.
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by Naraku
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You get sucked into another world of giant furrys and wind up a pet for a furry child.
Chapter 1

Your new home.

    by: Naraku   More by this author
You were walking home from the arcade downtown after getting the top score on the space themed pinball machine. When suddenly when you take a step your foot hit... nothing as you look down and see a purple energy hole in the ground. Unable to react in time you fall down into what seems to be an endless void as the hole you fell threw vanishes. In your panic you hardly see all the holes that form and vanish all over as you fall. Just as you start to calm down a hole forms under you and you all threw to hit some kind of padding but get so winded you pass out just as you see the dark form of someone large over you.

When you wake up you see that your in a cage of some kind. Looking around you see your on a shelf surrounded by several things. Just then 2 giant anthro women, a pink panther and a purple hyena walked in. "Oh hears one" said the hyena as she grabbed a strange device off the shelf next to you. "Oh look Bridget, a humane!" The hyena said excitedly to the panther. "I hear the make great pets for kids and can even babysit the little one good!" said the hyena as she looked at a tag with symbols you don't recognize on your cage and let out a whistle at your price. "Oh well I have a perfectly good 16 year old to watch Jeera for free." As the hyena backed off the panther came up to check out your price tag. "For that it better be fully trained." She got closer to examine you, reaching in with one clawed finger in at you "P-Please." You manage to say in fear. She seamed surprised that you can talk and stopped to think about it for a moment before grabbing the cage and carrying you off to buy you.

The trip was long and boring. When you got to her house you see a black panther man sitting on a couch. He looked up and instantly saw you. "What is that for?" He asked pointing at you. "I hear the are good babysitters and pets. I got it to look after Rose to free up some time for us." She said as she sets down the cage and opens it to take you out. As she hold you up by your shirt the man looks sceptically at you. "You really think this little thing can watch over our little angel?" He asked. "Well I'm willing to try. and if it doesn't do a good job it will be the most expensive meal I ever prepared." She said to you as she walked off with you

Your brought into a pink room with polka dot carpet and a few toys around on the floor and some kind of cat tree stile junglejim in the corner, a small fridge next to a small cabinet on the floor. The panther points to the fridge and said "Baby bottle." Then to the cabinet next to it. "Diaper supply's." She then takes you over to a crib were you see a pink baby panther in just a diaper with a birthmark that looks like a rose on her belly. She sleeps peacefully with her thumb in her mouth. As the mom sets you down in the crib the baby stirred and rose up. Taking her thumb out of her mouth to rub her eyes. When she stops she looks right at you before quickly pulling you in to a hug. "NEW DOLLY!" She shouts excitedly "I'm not a dolly!" you say. She loosens her hug to look down at you "Your alive? Sowee." "Don't apologize deer i got him just for you. hes your new playmate. And if you have any problems like your hungry or need a change and I are your daddy are not around he will take care of it for you ok?" She asked as she picked up her baby who was still holding you and set you down both down on the floor. "K mommy." She replied happily as she released her hug and let you get up. "Ok sweaty you have fun with your new playmate now." She said as she walked out of the room and shut the door. The large baby then leaned closer to you with an excited look on her face. "My names Rose whats yours?" She asked happily. "Um, Ken, nice to meet you." She seems to be concentrating for a moment.

Where will this interactive story go?

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1.   She starts crying (She's wet.) *

2.   Her tummy growls (you get her a bottle.)

3.   "Want to play dollys?" *

4.   "Want to play ball?" *

5.   "Want to go exploring?" *

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