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Rated: 13+ · Interactive · Action/Adventure · #1884118
You are shrunken in English class and need to get help to survive.
Chapter 1

The beggining

    by: Exodiac   More by this author
You arrived first to English class, as usual. The class before lunch, it always got you excited to go, and the class it self wasn’t bad as well. As usual, Mr. Mullen wasn’t in the classroom, and the lights were off, presumably because his last class takes place in the school’s library. Hitting the light switch to turn the lights on, sends a course of electricity throughout your body. You couldn’t handle the sudden shock, and passed out. Presumably a minute or so later, you get up, only to realize you had know clue where you were. All around where impossibly large walls, with large plains held up by giant metal rods extending to the sky. Then it dawned to you. You were still in class. Just a lot smaller.

Suddenly, the ground shook, and you realize that someone was coming, and that you needed to move. Before you could even move a couple yards (from your perspective) though. the intruder had already passed, just barely missing you. Whoever it was, was wearing flip flops, so you assumed it was a girl. Looking up was no use, you had forgotten your glasses, so you could not tell who it was, until they sat down at their seat. It was your friend Alyssa, and you knew she could be trusted to help me. First however, you needed to move, cause pretty soon more people would be coming in the room, and there was a good chance at least one of them would accidentally step on me, something which I could only imagine being fatal.

Sticking to the wall to maximize your chances of not being crushed, you inch your way to Alyssa, inching being in a normal sized person's terms. Of course she sits in the back of the room, so by the time you get to her, the class had started, and the seats were all filled. Luckily you managed to take a path not crossing anyone, so you get their with little trouble. The trouble never really was to get to Alyssa, but what to do when there.

There isn’t much more demeaning then standing there, completely dwarfed by a single flip-flop clad foot. Let alone two of them. Let alone the whole, completely enormous person they are attached to. Hell, you are dwarfed by her big toe. And there lies the problem; at this size, how do you get her attention at all, let alone not being classified as a wayward itch, or worse, a bug. Alyssa doesn’t like bugs much, so being mistaken for one would be the end of you, fast.

Tentatively, you approach one of her feet, and poked her big toe. Nothing happened. Again you poke her toe, progressively harder, until the point where you are punching it. This managed to get a response from her, but not one you were aiming for. Instead of looking down, she brought the other foot over to get rid of the itch you had caused. Luckily for you, you see this coming, and manage to jump off before the massive flip-flop came down upon you. After she was satisfied with dealing with the itch, she returned her foot back to it’s own side. This clearly isn’t working well

You had to think of a new way to get her attention. Pulling out your phone, you checked to see if it had service and… yes! Even near microscopic size, your phone could still get a signal. You quickly write out a text to Alyssa. “Alyssa! Look down!”. About a minute later, she managed to text back, with “?”, and without looking down. Annoyed, you send her another text, which said “Just look down on the ground please!” And stood firmly in front of her chair. Of course she didn’t look down though. In fact, the only thing that happened was Mr. Mullen came over and took her phone away. Whoops. Only a couple minutes are left in class, and you needed to think of something fast. From what you can see, you have two options, to attempt holding on to her foot when she gets up, or to wait in the classroom for someo-

Suddenly a loud bang startles you into turning around, instinct taking over and mind intent of fleeing. Before you can run however, you realize it was just Alyssa dropping her... Purse! You could jump in and hide in her purse, and wait till she opens it next, of course assuming you survive inside the purse. Well, with about 30 seconds left of class, you decide to...
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1.   Hide in the purse

2.   Stay on her foot

3.   Wait here *

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