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  1. The Day's Beginnings
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Fred is put in diapers with his younger twin siblings
Chapter 1

The Day's Beginnings

    by: Stendier   More by this author
One warm summer morning, Fred Jennings was with his mother, Alyssa, in his younger siblings' nursery.

Alyssa was changing the diapers of her three-year old son Rick and three-year old daughter Velma.

Fred watched as his mother diapered his younger siblings. He didn't know why, but the sights, smells, and feel of diapers made him feel a little excited.

At first, he thought it was merely a strange interest or his curiosity taking over. Then he thought that maybe it was a whole lot more complex than that.

Fred walked over to the changing table and picked up one of the diapers. He held it in his hand and rubbed it in his palms. It felt so thick and soft, like a solidified cloud.

After a moment, he raised the diapers up to his cheek and rubbed it against his face, inhaling its pleasant odor.

Before long, Alyssa noticed what her older child was doing with the clean diapers. She was a little stunned at first, but then it occurred to her that there was a possibility that he actually found the diapers enticing.

Then Alyssa got an idea and she
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