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  1. Girls, girls, girls
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by CandaK
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Fred becomes subjected to the whims of the girls around him. 100 chapters contest
Chapter 1

Girls, girls, girls

    by: CandaK   More by this author
You wake up in your bed and notice your girlfriend isn't there. When you look around, you realize she is nowhere to be seen. There is a note on her pillow saying "Come to the living room at 9." You look over at the clock and see it says 8:59. You quickly jump out of bed, forgetting you went to bed naked, and run out to the living room.

As you round the corner into the living room, you see your mom holding a remote pointing it at where you are and holding a button. When you stop, she says "Still." You immediately stand perfectly still and straight up, unable to move. Than, you see your girlfriend laying across the couch and smiling at you with Jess in her arms, who is clapping happily. Then, Lira steps out from behind you and grabs your butt. Though it feels uncomfortable and you want to cover up, you can't move or tell her to stop.

"He's good, girls." She announces. With this, Ashley and Sam come over in front of you. They both grab his hands and pull forward.

"Follow them." Your mom commands.

You immediately follow your two little sisters to where a towel is laid on the ground. They lead you to it, turn you around, and lay you down on it.

"Stay on the ground." Your mom commands.

You can now move, but you can't get up off of the ground. You look up at the girls, gathered around you, and can't think of what is about to happen.

"What's between his legs?" asks Ash.

"You'll learn soon." says your mom.

"I get him first!" says Sam, smiling and popping her fingers.

"No. He's mine." says Lira, rubbing a breast.

"I'm his girlfriend." says Beth, licking her lips.

"Pway!" says Jess, reaching towards you.

"Girls please." your mom calmly says. Your mom then points to remote at you, presses one of the buttons and says........
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