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Chapter 1

The beginning

    by: GeneralIroh   More by this author
New Year’s Eve was an odd day for me this year. Most normal people were out partying all night and I could hear screams of joy dancing through the street. But me, im different; I prefer to sit inside all night wallowing in my loneliness, because I my world, friends are overrated. Of course, the reason I am saying this is because that trait of mine is all about to change. No more being the quiet shy girl, it was my turn to have my way.
Anyways, while watching Asian dramas in my room something started to feel a little funny. I got up from chair and quickly turned on the lights scanning my surroundings; nothing was there. I had a bored look on my face as I turned off the lights and sat back down. But it didn’t end there. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a glowing light coming from my window. Out of instinct I leaped out of my chair and grabbed onto a candle, as if that would help me. I watch as a bright purple light raced around the room and hit me. I felt intense energy in my body and then passed out.
When I came to I was staring at this bright girl with long blue hair up in pigtails and dressed in some sort of spandex suit. The scary part about it was that she was floating right above me.
“uh..uh…who are you?” was the only thing I managed to spurt out. In a spunky sweet voice she explained to me that she was a witch of all sorts. As she said this she flew around the room as if it was nothing. I then asked her what she was doing here.
“Oh well I’m bored with my magic, so I wanted to spread my magic to other people. I noticed you were alone so what is your first wish my dear?” she batted her eyelashes at me and patted my head.
“Well, I replied, “ this is a little surreal, but ok. I’m cool with anything” I slowly got up and reached my hand out to see if she was real, and she was real alright. My finger pushed into her chest and I just stared as she giggled. Well, I was convinced, time to make some wishes.
“So….i said, what’s your name?”
“Oh well my name is Simone the awesome.
I opened my mouth to tell her my name but she interrupted me with, “I know all my dear, now let’s stop with the dilly dally and start making magic.”
I told her that my first wish was to have all the women I have ever hated on shrunk down 3 inches for some fun. Simone seemed extremely excited for this idea and right before my eyes I saw her transform my closet into this huge room, which of course no one could see or enter except me and my new witch friend. I walked in the room staring in awe. It was just like a normal bedroom, a twin sized bed, a fancy desk, and a dresser, except for the fact that was a jar on the side table with a straggle of panicked people, tapping on the glass. I walked over to examine it and was startled as I noticed my closet closed up and I was trapped in this room.
“ oh don’t worry about that. I’ll always be with you so when you need out I will make it happen. Also because we don’t want your little people getting out.”
I blushed when she said that. Of course I had been imagining having my crushes be little toys for me to play with but It sounded weird coming out of someone else’s mouth. And I wasn’t worried at all about Simone being with me at all times. She was a cool witch and I could tell she was amused by my human interests.
I went back to my inspections and just like she said there were all of my crushes. Each jar had a bundle of people no more than three inches high. I was soo excited in that special place that I had to start my fun. I walked over to the right side of the bed and opened up the jar. A group of women started to freak out and run all over each other. It was too cute, but I knew that they were terrified out of their wits. I picked up a handful of them and looked closely at their tiny bodies. There was Sarah, the rude girl that used to bully me in high school, along with some of the popular cheerleaders that never liked me, and even a teacher that gave me an F once. Oh were they gonna pay.
“They’re pliable right?” I asked. Simone nodded and I continued to flatten and squeeze them. I’m thinking ahead, “ “
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