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A boy is caught spying on his sister's sleepover, and they decide that he should join them
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Chapter 2

In your sister's closet

    by: Vanilla Thunder   More by this author
While your sister is gone preparing the food for her friends, you rush into the room and look around, you decide to run into the closet when you hear your sister and her friends approaching, she never went in the closet and there was a keyhole that you could watch through. They all walk in giggling and chatting, about their clothes, boys, girl stuff You saw Kris, she looked really cute today.

"Okay, now what should we do first girls?" Sarah says.

"How about we do each other's hair?" Kelly says

"We could give each other makeovers" Emily says.

They start to do a lot of girly sleepover things and then as you watch you stumble backwards.

Did they hear it?
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