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Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Erotica · #1892652
You are s slave to one of your big sisters and their friends

You are s slave to one of your big sisters and their friends

This is an interactive story containing 65 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
You are Jason. You are 5'5 and thin. 15 yrs old. You have 2 fraternal twins 18 yrs old. They both enjoy abusing you since they are older than you. and a third big sister who is 16.

Sara: 18 yrs. old. She is 5'6. Sara is a beautiful blond girl with shoulder length wavy hair. She always wears a black flowing shirt that nearly exposes her breasts. She always has picked on you, ever since you were kids. She wears alot of eye liner and blush. It's wrong but you find her very attractive. She doesn't have very large breasts but she does have a stunning ass. She is always wearing tight pants that show off her ass. She is interested in punishing you for being a loser.

Sam: 18 yrs old. She is 5'8. Sam is a very smart girl, although you would never know it by her looks. She has straight, black hair that is just longer than her shoulders. She always helped Sara pick on you because the always could. She has a sexy body. Her boobs are C cups and she always wears clothes that show them off. She has a tight ass with a little bit of fat on it. She is interested in finding out how to make you pleasure her.

Lily: 16 yrs old. She is the youngest of the 3 sisters but she's the biggest. She is 5'9.5 and strong. Lily has wavy, long, black hair. Lily has C cup breasts. She is big and she uses her size to boss you around. She always is humiliating you. Her ass is unbelievable. Its a size 8. She wants not only to own you but she wants you to understand that she's the mistress and you're her bitch, and she will do anything gross to you.
Layla: Lily's Friend. Layla is 15 and always hated you. She is 5'2. She has long blonde hair. She has C cup breasts and a 35' ass that she loves to show off. She loves the feeling of being in charge of a man. She's also bi- and has had a crush on Lily so she will do anything Lily asks.She is only available when Lily is present
Michaela: Michaela is 18 (almost 19). She's a tall athletic girl who has a thing for torturing people. She is Sam's best friend and they both love to toy with you because she can. She has long straight brown hair and long legs. She loves wrestling with weak guys so she can feel powerful. She has C cup boobs and a tight small ass. She is only available when Sam is present
Bailey: Bailey is a cheerleader and a model. She's 18 and not very bright. She has pale white skin and she is your height. She has d cup breasts which she loves to use to smother boys. She has a very tight ass. She loves to fart on you to annoy you and make you beg her to stop. Only available when Sara is present

*Kiss* ( (_|

Dont change characters personalities.
Don't kill any characters.
Don't add any characters (If you think i should add someone i am open to suggestions)
Noone can take over the City/World
Keep it in the family and close friends.
Shrinking is allowed, no growing
Only you shrink, only sisters grow
No gay/ lebian stuff. (I have nothing against you but i don't want it in my story)
Ass, feet, vagina, boobs farts, all good
No eating or unbirth.

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I love ass worship
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