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Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Gay/Lesbian · #1896835
At an all boys school, the band and sports locker rooms vie for control...and submission.

At an all boys school, the band and sports locker rooms vie for control...and submission.

This is an interactive story containing 14 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
At an all boys high school, the band and athletic teams are under the control of two different seniors who want control of more boys and more turf. In their competition, they force other boys to submit. They hang out naked and meet in the showers after school each day to plan and punish as necessary. A shaky truce exists between them where they may punish one another's boys if they are out of line and wrong each other, but the truce is just waiting to be broken. Who will run this school? You decide!

-Jason, 17, the leader of the athletes and football captain. He is tall and lean and tanned with bluish green eyes and light brown hair. Though straight and in a relationship with a girl named Monica, Jason often rapes boys into submission as a way of showing his power or punishing his ranks.
-Jimmy, 17, one of Jason's main enforcers and a football player. He is trim and average height with blue eyes and sandy hair. Not the brightest boy ever, so Jason sometimes must punish him.
-Luke, 18, another major enforcer. Plays soccer. Tall and lean with hazel eyes and brown hair.
-Vincent, 16, an enforcer on the football team. Tall and muscular with blond hair and blue eyes.
-Connor, 16, average height and dark brown hair and eyes. On the football team. An enforcer.
-Dylan, 16, lean and sexy baseball player with blue eyes and sandy hair. An enforcer for Jason who loves to womanize.
-Alex, 16, lean tall and tan. Dark hair and greyish eyes. Plays basketball.
-Mike, 18, tan and thin. Footballer. Dark hair and eyes.
-Tom, 15, lean and handsome with tan skin and blond hair/blue eyes. 'Fresh meat' football player often the push-around guy.
*other characters may be added*

-Louis, 17, leader of the band boys. Thin and tall, very lithe. Has hazel eyes and short, bronze hair. In a relationship with a girl named Dana but has no problem punishing his boys.
-Matthew, 18, a main enforcer with dark hair and blue eyes. Is really lean and is nice to Jason's girlfriend Monica, which causes problems.
-Brian, 18, obnoxious womanizer with tanned skin and dark hair and eyes. Lean, supple body. Enforcer for Louis.
-Patrick, 16, blond/blue eyes. Tall and thin. Enforcer.
-Max, 16, handsome and tan. Dark hair and eyes. Openly gay. Enforcer.
-Andres, 18, short lean Hispanic with dark hair and eyes and pointy, perfectly white teeth. Enfrocer.
-James, 18, red hair and freckles. A bit on the short side, total goofball enforcer.
-Steven, 15, lean with blue eyes and blond hair. Freshman and new to all this.
-Paul, 15, tall and thin. Hazel eyes and dark hair. 'Fresh meat' recruit.
*other characters may be added*

-no female characters (only mentioned in dialogue)
-no micro/macro or vore, though some biting is ok
-no bondage, but domination and some violence is allowed
-no watersports
-other fetishes (feet, nipples, tongue, etc.) allowed.
-Have fun and be (graphically) sexy!
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