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by Wokod
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High school students find a dictaphone able to change reality

High school students find a dictaphone able to change reality

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
A teenager receives a strange dictaphone able to change reality : whatever the user says, it becomes true. And only the user knows about how things used to be. Nobody else notices, as all reality changes accordingly to the user's will.


- Breast expansion
- Giantesses
- Lactation
- Transgender
- Lesbians
- Shrinking
- Other sorts of expansion (ass, hips, etc)


- Vore
- Toilet stuff (includes gas and other stinky stuff)
- Weight gain
- Death of some characters


- Participate :)
- Respect other people work (try to follow their chapters and/or the story!)
- Focus on descriptive growth and reality changes : that's what the story is about!
- Reality changes (Clear enough ?) so people don't know about the changes of the world or themselves
- Don't go into rampage ! No "Brenda is suddenly 100 000 feet and crushes everything" : play with the characters and elements of the story, but don't break them !
- No one-line additions (except when it's for giving people more choices, but keep it cool anyway!).
- You have ideas? You want to add your character? You're welcome!


All of them are attending the same school. One day, one will receive the dictaphone, and then will use it... who ? Your choice !

16 years old. 5'0, brown hair, skinny and no breasts to speak of.
She's shy, and a bit nerdy, but smart. Nobody notices her at school, not even the teachers.
After years of frustration, being socially invisible everywhere, Angie has a lot of dreams and fantasies.
Her best friend is Lucy,

16 years old, black hair, 5'6, skinny, pale, B-cup
Lucy used to be invisible, just like her best friend Angie, until she decided to do something about it and began to dress with gothic clothes.
She has a collection of pictures of gothic and steam-punk models in her bedroom with sexy ("artistic") poses and corsets displaying lot of cleavage, so Angie sometimes wonders about her best friend being a lesbian or not.
Lucy also has a twin, Laura, but the girl doesn't like her sister's clothes and live her own life at school.

16 years old, brown hair, 5'10, thin
"Average joe", a bit geeky, Josh isn't noticed by the girls, except when it comes to help them for their homeworks. Just like the other 16 years old boys, he has a lot of question about girls, and sometime fantasize about being one for a day to "test".
His best friend is Kate, a very pretty "girl next door" redhead a bit smaller than him, with nice C-cups and a cute smile, but she has friend-zoned him since childhood.

17 years old, light brown hair, 6'0, athletic body, F-cup
The biggest and most popular girl at school. She likes to feel superior to the others in every possible way. She's from a very rich family, and has a vicious mind, always wanting more to boast. There's always a huge party in her parents house whenever they're not in town, which is quite often, so she can flaunt her money.
There's always girls following her, trying to have her on their side.
Vanessa also has a younger sister, Wendy, 13 years old blonde and still waiting for puberty to hit her. She's jealous of her sister.

All of them have families and friends you can add, or even your own character : we're waiting for you !

P.S :

- You have an idea and you want to see it in the story ? You can participate (you're very welcome, try it !)... or just send a mail ! I can't promise anything, but it's better than waiting for your idea to magically appear !
- And english isn't my native language, so forgive me, but do your best : I'm doing the same here :)
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