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Guys sneak into a girls school of suprises

Guys sneak into a girls school of suprises

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Berkly Transformation Academy For Girl's is not your typical ALL GIRL's school. This mysterious school has a mysterious secret as well as problem with the male population but that doesn't last long for you see tends have changes occur. Sometimes some of the students experience the occasional minor AP AR BE GTS Growth or Transform into Neko's , Kitsune's , Wolf Girl's or Poke Morphs and in rare cases can become randomly mysteriously pregnant without the help of a partner. In the case of Faculty they sometimes experience AR in addition to what the students can experience. This can be caused by various supernatural phenomena that seems attracted to the school, science experiments gone wrong or spells gone awry in the magic lessons given to witches and magical girls that attend the school. As amazing as that is though the school has a reputation among students and faculty for what inevitably happens to ANY AND ALL Males who trespass , come on campus without faculty permission or stay on campus too long/Overstay their welcome. You see 98% Of males who come here are TG'd by one cause or another for whatever reasons.

Common causes can include but aren't limited to:

1. Witches or Magical Girl's casting spells on them as a result of embarrassment, anger/revenge, if they are an Intruder or peeping tom, and in some cases some just do it as a prank or to be mischievous.

2. Accidental ( Or Forced ) ingesting of a potion belonging to one of the Witches or Magical Girls or a concoction made for science class. No one is sure why but the males entering the campus grounds seem severely prone to bad luck whilst on campus.

3. Science related accidents if visiting the science department such as lasers misfiring or an explosive side effect of mixing stuff. Again caused by bad luck though in some cases males have been foolish enough to volunteer to assist or help test things most notably in science fairs or similar school activities.

4. A Foolish wish. Yes wishes made on campus grounds actually have a bad habit of coming true depending upon the wish and the wish Maker.

5. Lastly paranormal causes. Yes you see the campus is haunted but oddly the ghosts are friendly to the girls acting out only against males. so far to date incidences include: Female ghosts possessing males then turning them female, Ghosts swapping drinks with TG Potions or formulas , Ghosts making magical girls cast spells on males (Explained in rules below ) , Ghosts using physic powers to cause lasers to misfire and whatnot. Also included under the paranormal is the rare but ignored ocurrance of actual alien visits to the school.

Somehow despite this males foolishly come. Most commonly its kids and teenagers sneaking in on dares or trying to peep or hit on girls though there have been the occasional cases of a Girls boyfriend not heeding their girlfriends warnings when visiting thus ending up female. Not surprisingly this and other factors have led to some students being lesbians.

Now then the campus is a huge expanse that could be considered a small city or town in its own right consisting of 37 large buildings. The campus does offer a FREE Tram to students, Faculty and visitors to help get around if they need it. There are on site dorms for the students electing or forced to live on campus including 4 Interconnected extra large ones for the larger students ( Giantesses ) There is also mini on campus shopping plaza, mall and restaurants which are open to the outside public should they wish to come though again it can be a risk for males to come for it. Also there's even 2 pools 1 Normal size pools for the majority of students and an adjacent connecting pool for giantess students.

The school offers classes for students grades 4-12 , College Prep Courses and even doubles as an actual college though the dean of the college portion has a strict restriction of no students over the age of 27 if a student does not complete her schooling by Age 27 arrangements can be made to transfer credits to another school.

Ok here's my rules:


3: The differences between a witch and a magical girl are as Follows( for THIS STORY ONLY ):
1: Magical Girls aren't as powerful as witches
2: If a witch is found out to be witch off campus aside from family, friend, lovers etc. she will lose her powers for 6 Months to a year. If a magical girl is found out off campus aside from the aforementioned the person must keep her secret, if they do not that person will be punished and the magical girl will be turned into a cat for a random amount of time ( a few hours to a year )
3: Witches CAN NOT BE POSSESSED BY Ghosts. Magical Girls however can be possessed for short periods of time.
4: If a magical girl has a child I.E. becomes pregnant and gives birth it WILL ALWAYS BE A GIRL And they will be a magical girl too. As for witches if they have kids ANY GIRLS They have will be witches. Powers are inherited from mother to daughter for both.
5: ONLY Other students and faculty can know their secret besides friends, family etc. There is a magic council that helps enforce this and other rules.
6: Witches may turn normal girls into magical girls if they so wish provided they have graduated "Magic School" additionally Normal girls can become magical girls via wishing if they are lucky or through selected other methods. NO ONE CAN Become a witch however you must be born one!

4: No scat toilet stuff or nasty stuff like that.
5: No killing ANYONE

6: Forms of expansion allowed include: BE But limited keep BE To a Max Of D Cup breasts please, AP This can happen mainly to 4th-9TH Grade students DO NOT AP ANYONE Beyond 25 Please, AR This will occur to mainly to Faculty and students ages 14 and up ESPECIALLY IF A MALE Faculty member gets TG'd
Also DO NOT REGRESS ANYONE Beyond/Below AGE 8 additionally AR Victims will NOT REGRESS Mentally in this story, GTS But Giantesses in this fic MUST BE BETWEEN 50-200 FEET TALL ONLY, TF as described above. ONLY Males CAN BE TG'd.

7: Once TG'd males may become students if they wish.
8: ONCE TG'D It's irreversible
9:. I reserve the right to edit or remove chapters as needed or if they break these rules.
10: I reserve the right to add or edit rules
11: Have fun
12: Anything not in the rules goes
13: Think of this world or its Characters as Anime/Manga like if youve ever read or seen either

I May give gift points for decent adds just don't expect a lot or immediate pay.

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