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by Zac21
Rated: 18+ · Interactive · Erotica · #1907088
Your little cousin get a skill to take control over you.

Your little cousin get a skill to take control over you.

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
You have a little cousin, Zac. He is 12 years old. A very bully boy. He loves to annoy everybody, often very violently. Sports is his passion. Taekwondo, wrestling, swimming. Since 2 years he building his body. I would describe him skinny, but very muscly for his age. He is very agile. When he throughs himself on you trying to wrestle you down, you have big problems to keep control.

Your name is Jeremy, 17 yo. A little bit weak. In this way a perfect victim for Zac.

When Zacs parents getting away for a weekend, they ask you if you could babysit him. You're not very happy about it, but you aren't able to say no.

Zac eats a lot of junk food. Pizza, chips, mexican food. He is often very gassy. His farts can smell really bad. If he was eating yogurt, hershey kisses or drinking milk too. Maybe he has a lactose intolerance. Anyhow he get continous flatulences. If someone gets a small whiff of this disgusting stench, he runs away at once, trying to get some fresh air. His parents and I get gag reflexes. The best way to describe the odor: Like rotten eggs, very intense and intolerable. You can see he enjoys the reactions. Everytime a big smile crosses his face.

One time I came over to him, preparing to stay alone with him, his parents facing me with full of shame: Zac was eating too much. His stomach is totally messed up. He used the toilet four times since one hour. The stench is very strong. Avoid the bathroom for a while. Sorry for that!

They said Goodbye and drove away. I switched on the tv and tried to forget anything. Suddenly Zac moaned out of the bathroom: Jeremy, can you help me? I have problems here.

I went to him with a bad suspicion. I knocked on the door. Suddenly he opened the door. An extremely disgusting stench came out of the bathroom. Zac was going straight by me, with a big grin on his face, saying: The toilet is clogged. Now it's your matter, I think.

This little devil planned this. I'm sure. The toilet was full of his crap. Hell yeah, FULL of his damn, stinky crap. The consistence was smooth and juicy. Soo extremely disgusting!

The next weekend is waiting for you. Zac started to recognize that he's able to control the will of anybody. He wants to find out how much he can go? And you're his first victim.
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