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by JStein
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Characters from anime and cartoons undergo strange changes.
Chapter 1

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    by: JStein   More by this author
Within the space between universes, a powerful being existed. Omnipotent and omniscient, it saw all within every universe. But this being was bored, so chose the only form of entertainment it knew - interfering in the lives of the denizens of the various universes.

Breaking off small pieces of its essence, it scattered those pieces across the multiverse. When they entered a world, these pieces would take various forms - crystals, stones, playing cards, machines, etc - and would have even more varied effects. Any beings who touched these items would find themselves facing changes to their clothes, their bodies, their minds... some would even be taken from their own worlds and be sent to others.

The entity would watch these changes, and it would be amused.

Now the only question was, what world and people do we watch change?
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