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Girls from Different Media Make you a sissy and/or an adult baby will Give GP

Girls from Different Media Make you a sissy and/or an adult baby will Give GP

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The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
First off it has a lot of chapters but only one story so it could use a lot of work I'll give Gp to whoever adds to it

Okay So You enter the World of Anime/Manga/Cartoons/Video Games/T.V./Movies and the girls there are Sadistic and Cruel and wanting they're own sissy and/or baby to have. The story will include your capture, the sissification and/or babyfication, but will continue on after that with your services and your humiliation after that point. Please make the chapters at least a paragraph and a Half long. Punctuation is no big deal to me just make it coherent and, no abbreviations although LOL, OMG is fine. Keep the characters name blank refer to yourself as I, and if you want them to say your name make it like (Your Name Here), nicknames will take place of that, like princess if you choose for them to call you that. Girls can either do this to you by themselves or in groups whichever you prefer. I know this may seem weird as crossdressing can seem gay to some people but no gay stuff I don't want any males in this story except the Main character. I'm not gay I just like dominant females. Other girls can be babyfied if the other girls feel like they would try to help you or are just on a mean streak

Anything goes Mostly
Diapers, and you wetting your self, chastity devices, and vibrators, them breast feeding you. Taunting and Baby Talk is highly encouraged. They can drug you to keep you weak, and to use the restroom. Butt plugs, and hypnosis where you can't talk or to talk in a certain way but make sure in your mind you're still yourself. Whipping, foot worship, Oral sex on females, or them doing it to you. Sex is fine as long as its male/female or female/female. Trampling, Spanking, different kinds of torture I don't want it extremely violent make it mild I don't want gore or extreme mutilation. small cuts or bruises are fune, just no gaping wounds or impaling. Piercings if need be tattoos are fine anything like this.

Not Allowed
NO GAY STUFF AS IN MALES DOING ANYTHING TO MALES there's nothing wrong with being Gay it's just not for me. As stated earlier I'm straight I just like the thought of Strong females being dominant with a weaker male. No toilet stuff as in them using you as a toilet or making you eat that stuff or your bodily fluids which I've seen in these types of stories before. No shrinking or them growing you stay an adult through the whole process, of the story. No unbirthing, and no Futanari

Anything else you might not be sure of please message me and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. Have Fun and Please Add. I'll give you several choices to start out with add whatever series you wish after that.
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