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You or someone you know find a possession spell.

You or someone you know find a possession spell.

This is an interactive story. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
You or someone you know finds a scroll with some strange words on it. When you read the words they magically disappear into smoke wich enters your body. As it does the one reading the words gains the ability to turn into some kind of ghost-spirit form at will, which can enter and take over the body of anyone they please.
On the back side of the scroll there are some other strange words, when you read these the words returns to the scroll and you lose the possession ability until you read the words again.
If you read the words on the back side while in another body you are stuck as them until you gain the powers again.

Only one person can have the ability at the time.

Remember, anyone can get the ability and how much they want to share or tell you about the words on the back side is up to you ;)

Some Characters:

John Cooper (you): 17 years old, decent looking guy.

Your family:
Jack Cooper, your father: 44 years old, working in a successful law firm, making lots of money. Married Sharon only a year after your real mother left.

Sharon Cooper, your step-mother: 41 years old, a total MILF, no wonder your father married her. She doesn't look a day older then 30. You and Sharon had a few feuds, mainly because you accuse her for marrying your father because of the money.

Tina Webb, your step-sister: 21 years old. Really, really beautiful. She has clearly gotten her good looks from her mother Sharon. She is also real fitness freak, giving her a body to die for. Tina is mostly very nice to you, but has her days where she acts like a total bitch. She is really energetic and is known for being a bit crazy from time to time.

Julia Cooper, your younger sister: 16 years old. She is your full-blooded sister, inherited your mothers good looks. Even though she is the youngest in your family she sure acts like the most mature. You and Julia has always been really close and have a really good relationship.

Sarah Fields, your girlfriend: 17 years old, she is a tall blonde beauty, you consider yourself really lucky for having her, making a lot of people really jealous of you.

Lucy Hudson, your best friend: 17 years old, Lucy has been your friend as long as you can remember, she lives close by. The two of you had a romance a few years ago but have continued as good friends and are still really close.

Jimmy Fowler, your best friend: 17 years old, best friend since kindergarden, a real prankster and loves dark humor.

Julia Martinez, your teacher: :28 years old latino woman and incredible hot.
Victoria, Classmate: 17 years old. One of the schools hottest girls, head cheerleader and a total bitch.

Feel free to add more characters.

-The one with the ability can only possess one host at a time
-There are three things the possessor can do with their host's memories when they are being possessed:
Wipe them out, leaving them remembering nothing.
Leave them with the host knowing they were possessed.
Leave them, with the host believing they did eveything themself.
-The one with the ability can not read the host's memories.
-You can write from anyones POV , just remember to write e.x: Julia's POV

Other then this you can do whatever you like, feel free to add characters :)
Any attributes is much appreciated! :)
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